Posted by: Moon | April 20, 2009

Green Fingers…. Am I my Grandfather ??

It’s been a week-end of very hot sun, and hard graft in the Moon household. As the temps touched 102 Deg F (admittedly, I was on the golf course Sunday) we decided that we had to tidy up the ‘yard’ and become a little more inventive. 

So, Mrs m loves a nice rose, and my Grandfather was fantastic at growing them, we planted some roses. I dug out two new flower beds, we bought flowers galore, and even a Bird Bath … very nice ! 

We have also been asked by Jeff’s sister, and by Jeff to go around his back yard and save any plants we can, and to move them over to our place. We did this, and I have to say, gave me a very heavy heart, but after a day of working the land, I felt that maybe it was a nice thing to have Jeff’s Cacti settled into out new ‘desert’ patch. 

Sadly, we don’t have any photos from when we first moved in, the yard really was a dust bowl, and we have re-seeded the grass, dug our veggie patch, and created the desert patach to break up the rock solid, stone ground. The photos come from Sunday after all the hard work. although we do not own the house, we rent, we feel that we are here, and we want to be able to enjoy the wonderful weather, and to sit and enjoy the flowers. never EVER did I think I would be happy pottering around the yard, but I love it. I must have some of my Grandfather’s talents… we will see, maybe the talent comes from Mrs M and the muscles form me ??? 

We also have more and more visitors, some more welcome than others. I seemed to manage to disturb quite a few Black Widows !, but some were more welcome. We have humming birds around the place now, and even a little visitor pictured below. (A prize for whoever can tell me what he is, NOT YOU DBM !)… we found him struggling to find his Mum, and I know we have coyotes around, so I couldn’t leave him. Managed to get him onto my garden rake, and help him back on top of the fence where he could wander along, and hop back into his tree …..


A week-end of hard work, but worth every second !!



  1. Well, that isn’t very fair, is it?

    And while you are getting grumpy enough to be Grandad, you have a long way go before you match his green fingers.

  2. Sweet little thing – is it a possum? I have no clue!

    In the landscape picture of your house and yard, I love the sky, and the way the wires and clouds make patterns! And the desert corner looks great!

    Are the pink flowers roses? I have some tulips that look a lot like that.

  3. I love it too. Maybe some of the ol’ boy’s genes did filter down to us after all. Here’s a simple test: Get Mrs M to stand on your flowerbed and see if you get the irresistible urge to shout, swear and wave your stick at her. Then you’ll know.

    Oh and the creature – is a very small and slightly deformed panda with an excessively pointy nose?


  4. EM : You guessed it !, wow …. I do grumble and moan, so as DBM said, I think I def have the genes !!! and I could get a stick to smack her with …. hmmmmm ??

    Jay : Yes, they are roses, Mrs M’s fav and always remind me of home …

    As for the little creature, well, you can wait for a little longer to see if anyone gets the prize ! I didn’t sctaully look at the sky !, it has been crystal clear the last few days, and very hot. I had to go into LA today for some meetings…. the ugly smog is back !…. uuurrgghh !

  5. Well done! Much more festive and colorful since my visit, and I love the cabana! Where are you going to put the pool?

    As for the little varmint, I vote mole. Nasty looking nails!

  6. Cortes : bugger oof if you think I am digging a pool !!, but the yard is big enough …… hmmmm ?? Nope, not a Mole ..

  7. Whoops, left me comment on the pic of the …baby opossum?… garden looks fab! I love to hear stories about people who have just discovered their gardening genes. Go Mr M!

  8. Yeah, Katherine and Jay, you are right… hope he found his way back to Mum …

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