Posted by: Moon | April 13, 2009

Skully, Mrs M, and 3 days of all American Sports ..

We have had a visitor, a fella I have known since 1997 when I slept on his sofa for about 6 months. I met Skully when I was playing cricket in Adelaide, and we have been firm friends ever since. Skully visited Emgland soon after my trip to Oz, staying at Ma’s for nearly 18 months, and then returning for my first wedding back in 2001. I last saw him in 2003  in Adelaide, in an Irish pub, watching England v Wales…. all quite bizarre.


So, 6 years later, plans in place, Skully arrives in America, 4 days with us, before heading out to see some of California. Lots of beers later, we managed to see 3 out of the 4 American Sports, and we had a blast. Two good friends, becoming experts in 3 different sports overnight… Mrs M loving the Ice Hockey esp, with her Slovak countryman, Handzus, scoring the first goal.


So, after some dark days, we celebrated seeing an great old friend, that I know I will be pals with for life. Time to rest the Liver now…….

Also, some final, smiles for us, and a great friend… The lady in his accident is going to be ok… a huge relief for us all….


  1. Sounds like so much fun, and your photos are fantastic.

  2. CA : We had a blast, mainly a boys time, inc a visit to Hooters (no pictures…), but we needed it, we needed some smiles

  3. Glad you had a great time but four days and three sports and beer . . .and all that burping and farting and oversized pointy fingers . ..yuk! Although I must admit, I enjoy the ice hockey. And what’s that scantily clad young lady doing . .she’ll catch her death!

  4. How nice for you all – though I don’t think I’d like the hangovers – boys and beer etc…..

    Good to read you sounding a bit more positive my friend – keep it up!!!!!

  5. Sounds like just the sort of thing you needed after your recent experiences.

    Now go and take some vitamins and drink lots of water! LOL!

  6. Poor Mrs M. All that boy time (and semi naked women in tight midriff skimming tops). Hubby still hasn’t recovered…

  7. EM : Don’t take him to Hooters then !

    Kate & Jay : Yes a real pick me up we both needed…. health routine now for 5 weeks !

    Baino ; Can you believe the girls were scraping the Ice, cleaning it from all the skate marks ….. fit and freezing I would guess !

  8. Hi Skully, Long time no comment yeah I know! Have been busy standing by and chauffeuring me wee sister to and from Hospital for the last few months (the big ‘C’ catches even ‘good living, non drinkin’ folks – it ain’t fair – but then again what is ?)

    Ne’er mind, things ‘ll get better for ya – ye can’t keep an good Irishman or even a good living and ‘ancient meno lunatic’ down …

    ps. the non-drinking is not an enforced hardship btw it’s just that at my ancient age if I were to drink I would sleep ‘day’ as well as night!!

    Cheers Kate (the Scottish ancient one) …

  9. OOOOERRR…. Honest to God I get worse by the bloody day, me last post flippen well was addressed to Skully – sorry Moon ! I’m getting worse by the day ! arrrgghh !

  10. I did wonder how you knew Skully !!!

    he he

    the big ‘C’ does get whoever it choses 😦

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