Posted by: Moon | April 8, 2009

Life is shit right now

I am normally a very positive person, and I believe everything happens for a reason …

But right now life is on a downer !


you obviously all know about our friend Jeff, no need to say anymore on that for now, his sister Penny has had treatment for Breast cancer


Another great friend of mine was very unforunate to be reversing slowly, and an old lady managed to get under the truck… again, a complete accident, with no blame attached, but this has really shaken him.


Another good friends young dog tragically died whilst playing with a ball, got stuck in her throat, and could not be saved


and we get hit with a $5000 tax bill … what a joke, we already pay more tax than I ever have before !… and get nothing for it……


so, we are not happy campers right now



  1. Moon shit happens . . .and it doesn’t always stop at threesies! Look on the bright side, there’s always someone worse off than you . . and the way I look at tax . .if you’re paying it, you’re doing OK! Now buck up and buy some chocolate, it’s Easter!

  2. Bloody hell, Moon, that’s not good.

    That ball thing happened to a friend of ours as well – threw it up in the air and it came down and lodged in the dog’s throat. Very sad.

    And seeing as you’ve lost your positivity, I’ll provide you with some. You have your health, a beautiful wife, a great job and wonderful friends. Yu also have a lovely family including one incredibly intelligent, attractive and dare I say sparkly cousin in Ireland who’s sending big hugs your way xxx

  3. Hey Moon,

    Things seem to be a bit on the downside right now, don’t they? A few very unfortunate things happening to a few of your friends, and a nasty surprise from the taxman. I got one of those too! Nothing we can do about the taxman, he has no feelings, he just wants to cash our cheques!

    As for your friends, I am sure each of us appreciates your concern, and we value your friendship, and because of that, I think we all would feel a lot better if you felt better. EM is right, you do have a lot to be grateful for, so start enjoying yourself and don’t worry (be happy). God I hated that song.

  4. I, on the other hand, love that song!

    Believe me, my friend, this is not a good way to be – you need to find some positives before depression takes a hold.

    We all have bad times, very bad times but we have to try to look at the good parts of our lives otherwise we would all sink into despair.

    The money – its nothing, believe me. And, to quote yet another song – it Can’t buy me Love.

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