Posted by: Moon | March 30, 2009

A terrible morning …

So… Friday came and went ….


We actually do not much more than before the initial arraignment. The charges have been delayed for Jeff until the 5th May.


That aside, it was awful, truly horrible for all concerned. To see your friend behind a cage, handcuffed, unable to talk to us, or do anything except stare through the cage, trying to make us see he was ok, holding up letters to try to tell us ‘thank you’ was soul destroying. We finally met the other members of the family, his sister , and his two brothers. So see the family trying to hold it together for when Jeff looked over to us, but seeing how the tears were flowing at other times really hurt me.

Jeff did manage through his attorney to pass out a handwritten note to say the simple things of thanks, sorrow, and embarrassment. To thank us for his support, and for us all to help and support his sister as much as we could.


I cried and cried, with Mrs M there as well, it was a hugely emotional time, full of sadness, and thoughts rushing around about how Jeff and the family would cope. We are not part of all this, we can only try to support, keep writing to Jeff, hopeful visit him when he is ready.


Bail was discussed, but the fee was set at $500,000, of which the court keeps 10% even if you return to court, this is not money that will be thrown away. We are pretty certain that, with the things Jeff is guilty of, DUI (his 3rd DUI, one in 1985, and 2003), Leaving the Scene, Speeding, and a death involved he is looking at a sentence of around 10 years ……..


Can’t tell you how sad that makes me.



  1. Bloody hell. The whole thing gives me goosebumps. Ten years? I know we all read about things like this in the papers and tut as we turn the page, but it must be so different when it’s actually someone you know and like.

  2. Third DUI and he left the scene? I feel for you Moon but this guy’s really gone and done it. He’d get 20 years here! Terrible for all concerned.

  3. EM : Indeed, it’s very hard to objective…… I can’t believe they are going to lock up someone, who in my eyes, is just a good friend with a huge heart … of course the otherside he is guilty of something …… we will see what he is charged with once the reports come out

  4. Oh, Moon .. I’m so sorry for all you are going through – you and Mrs M, Jeff, and his family and friends too. And of course, the family of the guy who died.

    What a horrible mess. 😦

  5. Really don’t know what to say my friend. Shit happens, and it has obviously happened here. Keep yourself on an even keel. Things will play out as they will, and nothing you feel will change or influence the outcome. Wait until the next court date, try not to think too much about it.

    It may be difficult, and it may seem selfish, but your emotional and psychological health is more important than anything else at this point. You have people counting on you, so time to come to grips with this and move forward. Support your friend (we can all do no less), but do not forget where your most important responsibilities lie.

    Enough said, you are a good friend, and I only want what is best for you.

  6. I truly feel for you – it is so hard to come to terms with something like this when you know people who are involved.

    You are a good friend to Jeff and I am sure he realises this.

    TM xx

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