Posted by: Moon | March 25, 2009

Friday is going to be tough…

So, time has moved on, and a feww things have changed, and things get cloudier and less certain ….

Thanks for your comments, all very interesting, and thanks for the regulars and some newcomers.


The situation is so tough, and I have been tearing myself apart at thinking too deeply, and reading biased Internet and paper reports. Because the man who died is a successful businessman, and part of the Ultimate Fighting fame, he has a cult following that is naturally mourning his loss, that is expected, and of course understandable. What isn’t, is the fact the surviving person of this two car accident is being hammered, and having all the blame poured upon him. Yes, it is expected after the facts that it is Jeff’s 2nd DUI, and of course you would have expected him to learn, but things being said, and the awful paper reports already having the man convicted are sick, and way off the mark. My views are biased of course, but I hope I am also rational.

They reports on the road markings will be out today, we are waiting to hear…. the facts don’t lie, and they are so clever with science these days, I am sure the facts will show who was where, and what speed the cars were doing. this will tell us  a whole amount. Also, the two passengers in each car will have a story to tell, and that is unknown right now. His sisters has seen Jeff, and reports back that Jeff said they were not racing, and the Ferrari came up behind him at such a speed, shocking Jeff, and causing the accident. His sister believes him, and the facts will come out. He is guilty of certain things, and he will pay for those, I just hope his defence, and the judge realise that it takes two people to race, you cannot lay all the blame on the surviving driver.

I also have some logic about this as well, a 2008 Ferrari v a 1977 porshce does not give you a race… so, I cannot believe they we were racing, however, of course there will be some speed implications …..


The harrowing thought that we have, and we will know what the charges are on Friday in court, is whether they will charge Jeff with 2nd degree Murder. That is the biggest shock of them all. We just don’t know, and that is what is killing me right now.


I have written to him a couple of times now, and I hope he is getting the letters, and he knows his friends are out here, thinking of him, and will support the idiot. that is what Jeff is, but he is no murderer, and not the animal being portrayed. We know that Friday will be horrible, but not even close to how tough it will be for our friend, so our feelings come 2nd to his. We are praying everyday that a reasonable amount of charges will be bought against him, and the punishment will fit the crime.


Updates after Friday ….. Thanks again for your comments and thoughts.



  1. Oh gosh .. there were passengers?? I’m so glad they survived. At least there are witnesses.

    Moon, I feel for you, and I feel for everyone concerned in this mess. I hope the truth comes out and that Jeff gets a fair trial. The media is always a circus at times like this, but the justice system usually manages to ignore that. There are one or two notable exceptions, but they are cases of great notoriety with a huge groundswell of public opinion (I’m thinking Myra Hindley, for example), and this isn’t one of them.

    You will find the strength to cope on Friday. I hope that Jeff does, too.

  2. Ah passengers . . yes. The plot thickens. I wonder what state they were in! Let’s hope Jeff’s passengers werre compus enough to give a solid testimony. Keep an open mind Moon, hard as it might be. Wishing all concerned fairness and I hope the media just back off. otherwise that’s the fastest court case in history!

  3. Hey Moon.
    the passengers are the best thing that could have happened…..witnesses.
    i am sorry to say but this could drag out, i am sure that Jeff will learn from it and become a better man . best wishes during this very sad time for you.
    i ‘ll be thinking of you and jeff on friday.
    an old friend

  4. Chin up my friend, everyone will have a better idea as of tomorrow. I assume that bail will be requested, and hopefully agreed. Then Jeff’s lawyer will get the prosecutions files, and likely the negotiations begin. It is not unusual to expect plea bargain discussions, etc., once the case is laid out.

    Let’s hope all goes well, the charges are reasonable, and Jeff comes home while the legal system continues its’ work.

  5. Jay : Yes, there were passengers in both cars, the passenger in the Ferrari was very lucky, she was thrown out of the car, suffered some broken bones but survived, and Jeff’s passenger was drunk, these two witnesses will hopefully offer the truth.

    Baino : I have my eyes wide open. I don’t think we will see Jeff on Friday, I believe his attourney will be trying to keep him out of sight becuase of the press. he will also delay the trial as far as he can, so the public interest will calm down. I think we just want honest reasonable charges, Jeff will be able to cope with the punishment he deserves.

    Dicko : Thanks my friend, the witness will be key, as will the road reports. The truth will come out, we are just praying the charges will reflect the truth.

    Cortes : I think you are right, alot will become clearer after Friday, and then a long period of investigation, pleas and negotiation. Either way, he will be paying for his mistakes, and thats fair, and if it is fair, we can continue our support, and help him through this …

  6. Mrs. Moon, Come back and give Moon a hug – quick!

  7. Any update Moon?

    Hey Dicko! *waves* xx

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