Posted by: Moon | March 14, 2009

What a BRILLIANT night…

I got my Christmas present last night, a wonderful piece of thinking from Mrs M. We were in NYC a while back, and we walked past a small concert hall, and on the adverts was a certain Mick Hucknall and SimplyRed performing … my god that took me back …. Simply Red were my favourite bandback in the late 80’s into the 90’s, with me seeing them twice, once in Wembley Arena, and the 2nd time they sold out a 80,000 Wembley Stadium … he was brilliant then … So, I casually mentioned I would love to see them again, so Mrs M, goes off and finds out they are in LA on March 13th … and yup, she got me tickets, 5 rows from the front…..

So, Mick Hucknall, in my opinion, has one of the all time, great voices. Different from most, but stunning, soul voice, and a talent not many people have these days. He is a top class song writer, and a true entertainer, so you can imagine my excitement as the time drew close for them to come on stage. The venue was small, probably 300 people, small stage, and I have to say, an older set of people than I remember in 1992 !!



What a BRILLIANT concert. I pity the people around me as I sang every single word, to every song they did. Mick Hucknall did not miss a single note all night, his energy, and his passion was amazing, and every song bought back memories for me. Just brilliant. If you do not know much of his work, please go and find some stuff from the first 4 cd’s, Men and Woman, Picture Book, A New Flame and Stars. Stars I believe is one of the all time top selling CD’s !

He started with the older classics, and his 4th song is my favourite song ever, and one I seriously want to be played on my last day on earth, Holding Back the Years, it was stunning, beautifullysung ! Other great songs followed, with A New Flame, Do the Right Thing, Fire the list is endless for me. He was on stage for nearly 2 hours, and I never sat down or stopped singing or dancing once.


His finishing three songs were perfect, Fairground, then the very apt Money’s to Tight to Mention, and finished with the beautiful If You Don’t Know Me By Now…. fantastic…

I wouldn’t say I love music, but I do always have it on, to watch a band, really playing the instruments in front of them, produced perfectly, and a lead singer who still loves what he has done, writes most of his songs, and performs live like that … well, there are not too many who can do that. Just brilliant, thanks Mick and thank you Mr’s M


(pictures thanks to Mrs M’s iphone, the took our camera off us !)



  1. Sounds like you had a ‘rocking good time’. Did they give you the camera back? Silly really, considering how many fans would be taking pictures with their phones!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, they must be doing a whirlwind tour, they were in Sydney a couple of weeks ago

  3. Sounds like a wonderful night – and a great gift from Mrs M! Reminds me of that magical night when we saw Leonard Cohen…

    Great pics from the phone!

  4. Jeez, I’m with Cortes: hope you got your camera back! I still don’t see the attraction of that weird Hucknall chappy, but each to their own… glad you had fun xx

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