Posted by: Moon | March 11, 2009

Golf : A Good Walk Ruined

I was chatting to a good friend on MSN recently, and we were talking about the game of golf. A game that I love, and having stopped playing football at a relatively young age, 24, and recently retired from my true love, Cricket, I now play golf as my number 1 sport. I love it, esp playing here in sunny CA. I even plan my trip back to the UK in Sept so I can play in my 7thGimp Tour in France with the guys. (Quentin will stay with me)


We were talking, and I mention a great book that my Cousin IJF told me to read. Fascinating stuff this.. The book is written by Darren Clarke, and his Head (mind) coach. Golf, a little like cricket, is such a mental game, so much is the head. Darren’s book is an insight into the training in the mind he goes through in order to be the player he is. Now, I know that this is extreme, and his one of the worlds best golfers, but some of the things really struck home with me, and to this day, I try to do all these things on the golf course.

The mind can only give you full concentration for a short period of time, some do it better that most, but ultimately, you brain switches off. So, a round of golf can be 4-5 hrs long. In no way can you concentrate for that time… so, I have learnt that I unstrap my glove when I don’t have to concentrate… when I can clown around, make a joke, smoke a cigar, and then, when I need to, I strap the velcro back down, and I have to concentrate. It Works !

You have to be positive…. If I said to you.. imagine a dog not chasing a cat .. the firt thing your brain will do is picture the dog chasing the cat … thatsthe way your brain works … so, when the golfer is faced with a green, and water all around, and his says… “I will not hit this into the water” … what does his brain do ???? pictures the ball going into the drink …. You must be saying, the ball will land on the green……


I get mad with sport… really angry …. so, when you play as badly as me, those 4-5 hrs is a very long time to be angry, and an expensive afternoon to be angry, playing a game you are supposed to love ….. I play many bad shots that I know I should never have played, made mistakes that a 5 yr old would have made….. things like .. It’s a 230 yrd carry over water, I can do that …. splosh .. what a chuffingidiot, and I get mad with myself… Now, I just hum to myself … it is impossible to be angry when you are humming “Meet the Gang, Cos the boys are here, the boys to entertain you”… try it.. next time you are mad, just try humming…. you can’t be mad and hum.

I learnt a very valuable lesson on last years tour. I wasn’t playing too badly, and I have put alot of pressure on me to finally win this tournament.. so, into the start of the 3 day, I played the opening two holes like a dog .. terrible, and I went into my sulk. The previous day, one of the other lads, who can really play the game, had a dog of a day, but not once did he get down, he was always chatting, encouraging others and loving the day.. I commended him for that attitude. I said then, if I behaved in a miserable way, and bought the others down, it was selfish, and we were all there to have a laugh ….So, after these opening holes, a large Aussie quietly said to me .. Moon, you are ruining the day for us all, pack in the sulking, and enjoy the day ….. He was so right… and from then on, I smiled, had a laugh… and of course the outcome of the tour is now sat in my living room … where Quentin will stay !!!!!

Since writing the above, I had a visit from my fellow blogger Cortes, and we played for three days at my local course, we had a great times, lots of beers, got soundly beaten by a 14 year old, and finally on the 3rd day we both played well, and decided that Tiger has some competition !! Thanks Cortes, a great few days !




  1. I was a grass widow for 12 years being married to 1-4 marker who played pennants for his club and Amateur Championships yadda yadda . . don’t ask me how many hills, dales, sandtraps and ball washers I’ve utilised. Not once . .even tho he still holds his club record for Club Champion 4 times in a row, did he come of the course and say “God I had a wonderful day today . . .” He should have read your book! Glad you enjoy it, my parents were both mad golfers and it made their retirement a delight for them!

  2. I have never played golf in my life (only mini golf) but I thought it was a nice relaxing game. You’re spoiling all my illusions!

  3. Baino : Thats a great point … so many people just get angry with the bad shots, the high scores… instead they should only concentrate on the good things ….

    Jay : You would be amazed at how many people get angry and spend the whole round of golf in a foul mood … they should take note, lift your head, and hum ….. I used to be the same, and when I feel myself getting mad, I just remember, I chose to be here, and it’s always better than being in the office !

  4. It is a funny little sport, played with dimpled little balls and funny little sticks. It can be frustrating and exhilarating, all within seconds. It is a game played against oneself, a competition within one’s own mind, and really, how can you win that one?

    But it is also a game usually played with friends, and that is the part that makes me smile. I had a lot of smiles in Southern California – so thanks to you and Mrs. M my friend.

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