Posted by: Moon | March 5, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

During my Sisters visit, they both decided to make use of our location, 20 mins away, to re-visit their childhoods, and go to Disneyworld. When they get together, without husbands, brothers or mum to keep them in tow, they revert to children. Annoys the hell out of me, but still, they seem to enjoy it. They booked themselves a 4 days pass, and off they went.


I have driven past Disney many times on my way around home, and I didn’t really think about it to much. I honestly thought there must be another Disney in Hollywood, and this place really didn’t seem that big, and the entrance is surpriseingly under stated. Normally, these kind of places in America are so hyped and advertised, you can’t fail to notice them. Anyway, the girls returned back to us with daft stories of Pluto, rides and generally things that didn’t interest me. They departed to go home, and at the airport Sister R said they had one day left on the pass if we wanted to use it on the Sunday.  “No Thanks” I said, really not my thing, and I can quite happily say Disney is not on my list …… however …… I am a believer that you should never look a gift horse in the mouth, and if I and Mrs M can get in for free, instead of the normal $120, then why not.




So, on Sunday, we drive up, park easily, and adventure into the Happiest Place on Earth for free. I am not fan of crowds, people, FAT people, kids running uncontrollably around, queuing, awful food, and childish rides …. So, you can tell what my opinion of Disney is going to be can’t you …


Well no actually, I had my opinion changed. Don’t get me wrong, all of the above were there, and I do not understand how these places always attract the overweight… kids as well… but the Americans really do know how to entertain people and do amusement parks brilliantly well. We went on a couple of the rides, the helicopter flight over California was excellent, and the Toy Story shoot them up was great fun. The queues were long, and if you went in the summer, with kids .. good luck. But, people queued sensibly, and the rides were excellent for the kids. I am hugely critical of other peoples children (easy when you don’t have your own), and all the kids here were well behaved, and parents were having an easy time entertaining them and keeping them happy.




The famous Disney Castle was lit beautifully, and to walk along and see Mickey and Minnie, and my two favorites, Goofy and Pluto was excellent. (They are really people in a suit you know …..)




So, would I go again… no, I guess I will always choose Joshua, or Yosemite, but should you go once … 100% YES !… esp if you have ankle biters. The Americans do this type of thing so well, entertainment is their game, and it shows no better than here, and SeaWorld in San Diego. If only you could get rid of the obese, then I would be happy. I am not anti fat people (well maybe I am), but I DO UNDERSTAND that people do have illnesses, and I am pretty lucky with the genes I was given. However, do me a favour, if you are a little rotund, Lycra and crop tops are not for you …and as for letting your kids get that way …. You should be locked up !


Anyway, I digress from the point of this postt, Disney is not the happiest place on earth, that is a bath full of Jelly and my wife, but it is great entertainment, and well worth a visit.



  1. 3 adults in Disneyland? You big bloody kids!!!

    Seriously, sounds fantastic, but I won’t be letting my kids read this particular post anytime soon. I’m not for rides or fat people either.

    Mind you, the jelly bath on the other hand…

  2. Sorry, I meant two adults. My maths is very bad.

  3. You fancy Mrs m in a bath of Jelly ??

  4. I was the same about Disney, but we took the kids on the way back from NZ as a way to break the journey and make the trip home a bit more fun. I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy myself at all, but it was quite magical! I loved the kids’ rides – Peter Pan and so on.

    And I’ve been back since, too!

  5. I took Clare to Disneyland in Anaheim when she was 12 and we had four glorious days there. The queues were incredibly long and it was very hot but we loved it. I know exactly what you mean about Americans doing this sort of thing so well. Did everything at least once, saw a couple of shows and the parades were awesome. I thought Disneyworld was in Florida? We even thought everything was cheap by Australian standards!

  6. Ahhhhh, the “Magical Kingdom”. I would love to go if I could get in on an off-day. Just me and the staff. Perfect.

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