Posted by: Moon | March 3, 2009

Vegas Baby !!!

Well, I have been away from the Blogsphere for a few days, and I am back….


Been doing a fair few things, so I would let you in on my last few days.


Three week-ends ago, my was it that long? we had some visitors. My skin and blisters arrived from Vancouver and London. We were the ideal meeting point for us to celebrate DBM’s birthday, with Vegas being the perfect place to be. I have visited Vegas only once before, and that was as a drive through back in Aug 2008, with The Vet and Mrs M on our return back from The Grand Canyon. This trip was to be different. This trip was to enjoy all Vegas has to offer ……


I LOVED IT !… What a fantastic place Vegas is. If you don’t like noise, trashy casinos, badly dressed people, over weight people, the smell of sick and coconuts (that might have been just one hotel!) extravagant, over the top shopping arcades, 24 hr entertainment, then do not go to Vegas !!!!


It was great to see my two sisters. We have our moments, but in general we get on very well, and to have them both together was fun.. Real fun. Sister R is a master of Vegas, and she is the perfect guide to lead me into all the different hotels and casinos. I started with some of the Slots, but soon, I was donating my money to the card tables, and the poker machines, being fed with oxygen, free beer, and no time concept, the nights soon turned into early mornings… Unheard off for me. Normally, 10pm, I am off to bed. With no idea of time, darkness, change of mood…. You could be there at anytime of the day, and you won’t know.


There goes the rent money ....

There goes the rent money ....



Even with me going to bed around 2.30am, I was still my normal self, up early, and out trying to find a coffee place for my wife. As I wandered through Bill’s Casino, it could have been any time of the day, and day of the week. I would have put what little money I had left on me on the fact it was a Friday night, not 7am on a Sunday morning !!


There are some amazing things to see as well… We took half a day to drive out to the Hoover Dam… just incredible.. what a feat of engineering that is ……. And of course the Bellagio fountains …. WOW !!! The fountains are the center of the Vegas strip, with the Bellagio, probably the most famous hotel. The music and the timing of the fountains makes the hairs on your arms stand up. One night, at midnight they had two shows, the first set to ‘Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis, and finished with the USA national Anthem… brilliant, the hairs on my arms stood up, and I watched mesmerised by the show. We are lucky to be only 4 hrs (in decent weather) away from Vegas, and with two sets of friends visiting us in May and August, we get to go back !… with the May trip coinciding with my birthday, and the August trip.. well, you will hear more of the August trip as I have treated my wife to a week-end at The Bellagio ….




Some of the tables are packed with people happy to gamble minimum bets of $20 a go, not for me, I had to keep looking for $5 tables, and that was still a little to much for me. They have the exclusive tables where the punters are gambling in the thousands… good luck to them, I guess it is all relative.. a win of $10 means the world to me, they probably have to clear $100,000 before they get a buzz …..Did I win any money … No .. I lost what I knew I could lose…. I did ok at the blackjack tables, lost on the daft Roulette wheel, and finally, as I walked through the Bellagio earl;y on the morning we left, I put my final $5 into the Leeping Lemmings machine…. and cleaned the casino out … well, to the tune of $30 !!! Yep Yep Yeaaaaaaaah (as the machine goes !)



We had a blast, taking back to Newport Beach an exhausted R, and a happy DBM ……


More to follow ……



  1. Oooh shiny!

  2. I’ve only been once to attend a wedding (not mine). I’m not a gambler, so I thought I wouldn’t enjoy Vegas very much. However, there is so much to see and do! Everyone has to see the strip with their own eyes at least once.

  3. OMG – the leaping lemmings machine!
    OH spent many happy hours on that trying to win his millions! I just kept on drinking the cocktails brought to me by the cocktail waitresses!

    Glad you had fun there Moon – we are heading back next March for OH’s 40th birthday!

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