Posted by: Moon | February 12, 2009

Will you be my Valentine ?


So, the time of year is here again for us all to show our better halves how much we love them. Time to be romantic, get some beautiful flowers sent, to take the time and effort to say the most important words that exist… I love you



What a complete load of bollocks !


I fucking hate Valentines Day, and my wife will confirm this, I have zero intention of recognizing such a day. Now, people will now sigh, and think that I am a hard man, no emotions, and no intention of even trying to be romantic .. well, you couldn’t be further from the truth if you tried. I think that anyone who decides that the 14th Feb is the day to be romantic is as shallow as Lake Mead in a drought …. Just because society says that you must pay twice as much for flowers, queue for a table at your local Applebee’s makes you a person with zero romance, and zero imagination.


It’s a farcical day that the likes of Clinton and Hallmark cards have developed to make themselves millions. A day where florists double the amount for a red rose, and restaurants lap up your cash. The card companies are now sending cards that say ‘I love you from your Dog’ or ‘Happy Valentine from your Mum’ (which means you are so ugly that only your Mum will send you a card) … how sad is this day.


The TV is currently filled with adverts, trying to make men feel guilty, trying to make them splash the cash on hideous jewelryfrom the USA equivalent of Elizabeth Duke, making you sound like the next Eros just because you have gone onto the Internet and ordered some flowers, really romantic that you have taken 2 mins out of a work day to order some flowers off the net ! At least the man who has gone into Macy’s to buy his girl the latest Jenna Jameson underwear has show some effort (trust me, when your 18st  lass has it on, you won’t think she looks much like Jenna !)


Romance is all about the little things, a note on the fridge, flowers on a day that isn’t important, getting up first to make the morning coffee, a kiss when it’s not expected. They are the gestures that make your loved one special. To actually say the words ‘I Love You’ … that is what romance is all about.


So, I pity all you lovers out there, which put so much importance on this day. That spends your money of cards and flowers, when true romance costs you nothing. Whether Mrs M feels the same about Valentines Day, I have no idea, but she knows I hate the day. By all means, make your loved one feel special on the 14th, but please, make them happy on the 4th Sept too.. they will love you all the more for the effort, and the surprise ..


What will I be doing on the 14th ?, I will be in Vegas, losing money to the roulette wheel, and having beers with my sisters. Am I romantic ??? The most romantic man you’ll ever meet !


  1. Well, I really liked my minty Aero from Mr. DBM.

  2. I am in complete agreement. It is one of the biggest money makers in history.

  3. I do agree with you honey. Even though I don’t mind Valentine’s day and I know there are people without the slightest sense of romance and they need a reminder. I would be very sad if you would remember to bring me flowers only one day a year and that’s because of push or commercials and society. I love when you walk home with bunch of flowers or you buy me a herb cutter with wooden board. Or you plan trip to Vegas and Hoover Dam, or taking me to Galapagos for my birthday. (oh do I push too much now???) 
    Simply, Valentines Day is only good excuses to cover lazy and absolutely non romantic people, wherever is man or woman.
    Good luck to those how are planning to propose on this day, in the middle of overbooked restaurant which already run out of vases for flowers. That will be sooo romantic.

  4. DBM : I have given up chocolate unti May 24th .. so leave it at home !

    Cortes : it is so false, sad that they can only be romantic on this day !

    Mrs M : Galapagos ???? you sure I said that ?…. maybe for your 40th ?

  5. My man used to be a spontaneous flower man . . I loved it. Mind he used to buy and extra big bunch on Valentines and I miss that too! I’m having a seafood platter with my daughter . . . very romantic but hey, we’re in a man drought so needs must!

  6. Yeh. Rip off. Went up to Enniskillen today and all the red roses and tulips were all hideously bagged up in garish cellophane ready for the poor saps to pay extortionate prices for. I’m with Baino – I love flowers, but I just love receiving them spontaneously, not because Hallmark say today’s the day!

    Plus, I’ve got Ali staying, and I don’t want to remind him what a loser he is by overblown displays of affection to Hubby. Hee.

  7. Well, the big day is here, and by mutual agreement we are not celebrating in our home. This was not my idea, although I welcome the decision. Even more so when we went out to pick up some essentials yesterday, and saw all those people in the card isle trying to get the right one (and from the looks on their faces, not sure it was working), and all those men in the cosmetics department, we could smile and shake our heads. Feel sorry for them.

  8. For once we are in agreement on this one !!
    Although this year I did get an ‘anonymous’ card … sadly was from my mother. She signed it from ‘Charlton Heston’. Isn’t he dead?

  9. I agree with you – what started out as a romantic way of letting someone know they are cared about – even if the feelings were not returned – has turned into another chaotic festival.

    My partner and I have been together for over 14years and every day is like day one – its simple, we love each other and never tire of letting each other know.

    St Valentine is alive and well in our hearts – every day!!!

  10. Well, OH used to be just like you, but I’m kinda glad he changed. 😉

    Yes, it’s just another Hallmark day, but we don’t actually buy the cards. I do love the roses though, and the chocolate .. well, the chocolate is GONE!


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