Posted by: Moon | February 9, 2009

Children, Children, Children …


Well, having been married for over a year now, the inevitable questions are coming up about having children… and yes, I will admit to all that I do want them. When … who knows? will be blessed to have them ? again who knows, there is one thing though I am pretty sure of, I do not want 8 ! Mrs M CERTAINLY does not want 8. Nadya Suleman here in California gave birth to octuplets a few days back, and most of America was amazed at this micracle. The miracle of birth.

Miracle eh ? bollocks is what I say.

If someone wants to try for a large family, good luck to them. If that person wants to spend money on that, who am I to question them. They probably think I am mad spending my money on golf (to be fair, if they have ever seen me play, they might be right). Good for her, until the story starts to unravel a little, then some questions should be asked.

Nadya already has 6 other children, all under the age of 8, so now she has 14 kids under the age of 8. She is a single mum, again, I don’t have an issue with that. But, she is single, and she does not have a job. So… dear readers, who do you think is going to have to pay for these little urchins ?, Yup, Me and Mrs M. Not all of it obviously, but we will have to contribute via our taxes to help buy those nappies. Her Mum currently looks after the 6 children, and I am guessing her work load has increased. You have to question this…. You have to question if one single Mum can give enough attention to watch, rear, and teach all the 14 little Sods, to enable them to have a grounded childhood. I may be wrong here, and if so, I apologise for assuming, but I do not apologise for having the hump over having to pay for her ‘hobby’. Where did she get the $25,000 for the procedure….?, that could have been a college education for child number 5.

I also think, and I believe there is going to be, there has to be some investigation in to the clinic, that decided that putting 6 eggs into a obviously already fertile girl ? Surely this is against some Hippocratic oath isn’t it ? I wonder if it is all about the money ?


All you Mums out there, who are finding it tough changing nappies, or keeping an eye on teenage boys, or making sure their teenage daughter doesn’t come into the contact of people like Maxi Cane (sorry Maxi, love you, just never date my daughter), I would imagine you will shudder at the thought of 14 children, under the age of 8. Having heard her interview, I really can’t help thinking it is all about her trying to get attention and money for sponsorship of these little ones, and also, she is not the full ticket, not all the dogs are barking, and not all the rabbits are rooting.

I also feel for those couples, who are desperate to have just one child, who spend fortunes on this procedure, only to see her end up with a tribe. I guess things move in mysterious ways, and you can’t control everything.

I do hope, that one day, a little Moon will be running around Auntie DBM and Auntie R house, and Granny Annie will be pulling her hair out and the little Mrs M draws with her crayon all over her walls… but 8… bugger off !



  1. Couldn’t Agee more Moon. The word selfish comes very strongly to mind. As you know We have two kids and that’s enough for anyone. The thought of 14 running round the house half killing each other ( which is normal btw) just fills me with dread. Dunno much about healthcare over there except that it sounds costly and if you don’t have it your stuffed! This woman should have been told to wake up and smell the coffee before doing this but I suppose if she was that determined it may not have clicked how stupid this course of action was. Hey go. Glad it’s not my taxes, mind you there are many more like her over here so I suppose I am paying for them anyway. Nice blog. Very interesting. Phil

  2. I agree with your sentiments. When I first heard of the multiple birth I thought “poor bloody parents”, then I heard that it was a single mom and I thought “poor bloody taxpayers”, then I heard about the other 6 little rug rats she had and I thought “poor kids”.

    Someone on welfare should not be allowed to have kids. Not even one. They really should get their act together before they force it on some poor child. If poverty is a vicious circle, this woman has 14 little whirlpools going at one time.


  3. Good grief. I totally agree with your comments on this. And what the hell would any sane person want 6 in the first place for? Let alone try for another 8. The woman must be cracked in the head.

    By the way, mine are available to rent at very reasonable rates if anyone fancies practicing their parenting skills…

  4. Practising, I mean. Alzheimers.

  5. EM : Anytime you want, we have a ball over here, just post them off to me

    Cortes : I just don’t see how she can cope, and why I have to pay ?

    Phil : Welcome my friend, it does happen the world over, and she must of had health care as the birth was at a private hospital, and the fertilisation is not cheap… I just think she is a bit soft in the head…. You need a license here for so many things, but not for 14 children !

  6. Did you happen to see interviews of her? I have seen three (two contemporary ones and one from a few years back), and it seems to me that she a strange plan afoot, about her future, eg. reality tv programmes, books deals etc. But, it may back fire on her as it all looks too calculated and unbalanced.

    Thanks again for your comment !

  7. CA : I have seen a couple of interviews, and I think she is a little disturb, and you are right, it seems as if this was a plan from the outset .. It’s interesting that none of the normal candidates, Pampers etc are interested in this planned commercial adventure, and the American public are not taking to her at all… such a shame, when 8 little lives are the centre of this woman just trying to be a star and make some $’s

  8. Apparently, she is now in hiding due to death threats. I’m sure her motives were suspect to start with but nobody seems to be hammering the clinician who saw fit to a) allow her on the program and b) implant 8 ovum when in fact 2 is the norm. Someone should be held accountable for not abiding by their ethics!

  9. Good grief .. yes I totally agree. I can’t think why the fertility clinic would treat her! And surely she can’t support them all financially, let alone emotionally.

    But the thought of a little Moon to orbit the relatives is very sweet. 😉

  10. Baino : I agree, the two parties that have had mis-guidence are her, and the vlinic, she is barking mad, but the clinic will be investigated. To be precise, they did only put in 6, but two plit for twins, howeverm still very questionable !

    Jay : I am not sure DBM would agree about the little Moon, she would lock them in the basement !

  11. It’s getting harder for me to convince women to let me date their daughters.


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