Posted by: Moon | February 8, 2009

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage

It’s been a dull week in the Moon household, so I have decided to dip back into my archives, and to go back to 1995….. My trip to Peru, and the Inca trail..





Having posted this, I did a tour of my normal blogs, and have been reduced to tears….Jay, at The Deep Effect is sad, and heartbroken, and I don’t know how I should comment…. I don’t know her, I just read her blog every day, and I guess we are now friends, and to hear how sad she is from her writing, tears at my heart, so, for you Jay, the photo below is in honour of you, and I, to this day, I shed shed tears for my Murphy as you do for your Pirate xx




  1. Awww, lovely ol’ Murph. I remember him well. Lovely photo x

  2. Aw … Moon, how sweet you are. And now I’m crying again, for Jack and me, and for you and Murphy too.

    Yes, indeed you can call me a friend!

    And I loved your comment. You’re a sweetheart. xx

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh. you ol’ softy.

  4. EM : Thanks, lucky you can’t smell his breath !

    Jay : I feel for you xx

    Sel : You should know I am an old softy !

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