Posted by: Moon | February 6, 2009

A Challenge from EM

So, having moaned at her choice for piss weak beer in her fridge !, she issued me a challenge of finding the 4th folder in my pictures, and choosing the 4th photo .. so here you go ..




By a strange coincidence, mine is also a doggie picture …..This is the beautiful Angel, a boxer I looked after for a couple of months to save her being in a kennels while the Association found a home for her. She was a delightful dog, so soft, well behaved, and loved kids, so so soft … she had terrible burps and farts, and she snored very hard !

Her problem was she hated other dogs, really, with a vengeance, all do to with her upbringing from breeders that never ever socialised her. I had to walk her all the time on the lead, but I loved her. Funnily enough, on Facebook, the association contacted me, and she is well, living with a couple who have had this experience before ….



  1. You have a heart of gold! I too had a boxer, and although I do not recall any burps and farts (I am sure there must have been many), I do remember he loved to crap down the forced air heating vents. Could not “relieve” him of the nasty habit, so had to find another home for him. One without central heating.

  2. Cortes : Come on.. who was burping and farting ?.. and really ?, it was the dog ???.. come on, your secret is safe with us !

  3. If you didn’t have a dog to blame for such indescretions, you’d be stuffed! Lovely dog. I like boxers but they can be a bit ‘springy’. I’m glad she found a good home. You are a softie Moon! I might have a crack at this one although I have a feeling the fourth pic in the fourth album is a plate of cheese . . try working with that!

  4. Well, I love cheese!

  5. Hubbys says you of all people should appreciate its lower calorie content, Moon!!!!

    What a beautiful dog! You took good care of her, Moon, she’s practically gleaming x

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