Posted by: Moon | February 1, 2009

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage

Not too much to report this week, and I am exhausted from an amazing Superbowl … we took a stroll along the beach…. nice weather for end of Jan !




  1. The flower’s my favourite. And don’t people hit you if you take random photos of their children?

  2. Em : We do ask their permission, otherwise you are right… a bit dodgy !!!

  3. When are you going to seriously take up surfing – seems like you have the weather for it year round. I like the shot of the little one outracing the tides.

  4. Cortes : I have a bodyboard, and I’d love to have a go, but I think it is bloody hard … watch this space ..

  5. Not so hard if you have a long board I’m told but haven’t tried myself. I envy you living so close to the beach and a doggy beach at that. My swamp thing would love the surf but they’re not allowed here. For now she has to settle for the man made lake at the bottom of our road. . . and she does . . .regularly!

  6. What are those people doing to that poor dog? Don’t people hit you if you take pictures of their dog? LOL!

    Love the … uh …. the second to last one. Is it a sand-sculpture?

  7. Baino : Not sure, it looks bloody exhasuting to me !.. We love the beach strolls and the dogs… makes a great end to the day if we have had a shitty one at work.

    Jay : We always ask, and some people do ask us to send on the photos to them. The poor little one, she was swamped with people wanting to fuss her ! The photo was just something kids had left as we walked along

  8. ‘something some kids had left’? Ewwwwwww!!!!! And you took a photo of it? I’m telling Maxi!!!!

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