Posted by: Moon | January 27, 2009

What’s on your fridge ????

I thought this was a cool idea, I have the very occasionally, I was digging the veggie patch when I thought of this ….


What on your fridge then .. here’s mine, and if you look carefully you will see :

Starting from the top :


Two Calenders, one of the National Parks of California… on our list to visit each one mentioned, and a second one sent to me from Timbers and A, 12 months of pictures of their wonderful litter of Pups they had last year ..

A Christmas card from Harv and Bomb…. pictures from their travels in 2008

Two Fridge magnets, one from San F, and the second Sir Chilli Boy got me from Thailand after he nearly killed me with a chilli in Bangkok !

A picture from Mrs’s M godson, the Little Sod is not really a Tony Hart, but he’s having a go

Two reminders, and contact numbers for Dish Network, and AT&T .. bastards…. non-stop hassles from this w******

REI Membership … we could and do spend a fortune in that store !

A Cheque from me Ma for Christmas…. gotta to love her xxxx

Held by another fridge magnet… from Death Valley

Four more fridge magnets, a crab from the beach stores, one from Slovakia, Vancouver Aquarium and Sequioa

Behind theres are postcards, from me Ma, and DBM, and another picture from The Little Sod

More fridge magnets, One from the ASPA, one from the Grand Canyon… holding a note from me to Mrs M, and a picture of me from 2002 trekking in Southern Spain.

Another postcard from DBM, sent from the Galapagos

Then a picture of my Big Dog Murphy, on his bed, with his best friend Daisy

Two more magnets, one from Seaworld, and the other, really tacky, from NYC

Behind those, our bill from Sony for this laptop, and another postcard from the falls in Brazil from DBM (she is good at either keeping in touch, or showing off where she is !) 

Another magnet from The Canyon, and I was going to say that there was a tax earnings statement ready for me to file my taxes, but I thought I should remove that, as it has all my details of wages, SSN etc ……..and you never know what thieving gits you get on the net !




So, whats on your fridge then ?



  1. I did this one a while back when my fridge was covered with ‘stuff’ but had a mega clean out and now it’s white and shining with nothing more than a few 4cents off petrol vouchers! Sign of the times perhaps

  2. I dislike scruffy fridges, so the only things that I have on the front of my fridge are two photos – one of Tess and one of Willow. Mr. DBM put them there for me and I have left them there since they are soooooo cute.

  3. I have nothing on mine as it is an integrated unit (looks like part of the kitchen units) so magnets don’t stick 😦

  4. Oh no … it’s all back firing on me … am I the only one with a ‘interesting’ (not scruffy) fridge ?

  5. Nada. Mine’s integrated too so it just looks like a cupboard. I do have a door that’s covered in stuff though. And I might do a post about it. Never know x

  6. Take heart Moon, you are not alone. I just counted 16 fridge magnets on my appliance – my favorite one is a little Marvin the Martian (he plummeted to the floor once, and lost the “broom” from his helmut). I have two calendars; numerous receipts of varying importance; critical reminders (such as garbage pick up day); pizza coupons; a cleaning schedule for the self-clean fan (explain that one); and most important of all, my running weight loss schedule – although it is not running, unless you count running in place! The numbers have not changed! I may remove this one.

    It must be said that a cluttered fridge is proof of an uncluttered mind. Or a forgetful one?

  7. You already know what’s on my fridge! LOL!

    When I posted mine a while back, I blurred out any names, addresses, reference numbers etc on visible documents. It’s very sad that we have to do this, but we DO have to do it.

    You have some interesting stuff. I like magnets as souvenirs, they’re cheap, easy to pack and transport, and they’re an enduring and useful memory! 😉

  8. Jay ; cheap and nasty … the worse the better !!!.. I did have to remove my tax return, also, you would all have seen how much I get paid !

    Cortes : This is why we are such good friends.. you must remember that DBM is OCD, that is why her fridge is spotless..

  9. Fascinating ….. I’m afraid my fridge door is integrated too – so a magnet free zone!!!!! I have to put mine on the microwave oven!

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