Posted by: Moon | January 25, 2009

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage ..

Well, we haven’t been anywhere this week-end … except the gym, and not many pretty sights there I can tell you !… so we decided the garden needed some work, and we had a couple of small, but cool visitors …




  1. I was just lurking around and found the new photos. Excellent job.

  2. Once the snow has melted on yours, you’ll be amazed what you can find ..

  3. Ooh – I love the spider! What is it, do you know?

  4. Jay : No is the simple answer, maybe DBM will know …. I was different from the normal Black widows we always get …

  5. Ouch! They are predicting more snow for tomorrow!

  6. I think it’s a golden orb spider, we have them here as well. Great job on the bees, they’re tricky to photograph.

  7. Baino : We had those in Adelaide, nasty things !!! The Bee was quite dopey, so it made life alot easier

  8. DBM doesn’t do spiders – they have too many legs!

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