Posted by: Moon | January 21, 2009

Who’s lurking ?

Apparently it’s ‘Lurkers Week’ in the world of Blogdom …..


this appeals to me, as I am approcahing nearly 10,000 hits, I often wonder who are these people reading my rubbish words ? I have regular friends that are commenting, but no where near the amount compared to hits …


So, who are you my voyeur friends?… leave me a comment, remember, names are never shown, but I would love to know who you all are ……..


  1. Hi Moon! Just me down here in FLA! Even though I usually don’t post replies, I do read to keep up. Love ya Bro!

  2. 10,000 hits! Good grief man . . that’s a lot of astronomers googling ‘Moon’, either that or a load of teens looking for a flash of cheek.

  3. Baino : I am heading that way, but so few commentors …. maybe you are right, they just like to voyeur ..

  4. I had your blog address printed up on some peel and stick thingies, which I have been leaving above the porcelain thingy (don’t you just love that word?) in the pubs I frequent. Shall I stop doing this?

    Might as well, given the number of pubs I go to, the response has been disappointingly low!

  5. Fanuch : Good to hear from you guys, hope all is well on the East coast, glad you are still reading ! The Dolphins from Sunday reminded me of our trip sea fishing… great dolphins, just before I was sick !

    Cortes.. I do get some strange messages, but on my Cell phone, are you leaving that number in the Lav ?

  6. Sorry Moon, do not have your cell #

    But to set your mind at ease, think of 20 people who visit your blog on a regular basis. Say they do it only 4 times a week (not unusual is it?), so that’s 80 hits a week X 52 weeks and it adds up pretty quick.

    There might not be as many lurkers out there as you think.

  7. Not a lurker .. just thought I’d say hi! LOL!

    How are you recording your hits?

  8. I’m saying hi, too! I’m almost a lurker, because I’m so slow at commenting, but hope also to be considered a distant friend – sure, don’t you know all of us Aussies over here ! Can’t wait to catch in person one day soon. Love to you both.

  9. I’m sometimes a lurker … but you know me! LOL

    I enjoy looking at your fantastic photos! I travel vicariously thru you ya know.

  10. Jay : Not sure how it was put on.. EM helped me with it when I first set up my site….. I have a clicker on the page … I think it’s an add on from WordPress..

    CA : Always nice to see and hear you visiting x and you never know, we do have plans to come your way !

    Drowsey : Always a pleasure to have you come by x

  11. Hi from St Louis Mo, where we are expecting about 8 inches of snow tonight, looking at your pictures make me long for sunny days and warm weather

  12. Hey Patty, Welcome, glad you are enjoy and are not too jealous of our sunshine !.. good luck with the snow, summer will be here soon

  13. Oh alright I have lurked ! Although I do spend more time at EM’s now as I like the recipies (and that dog!), I really should have asked you to introduce me at the wedding … hope all is well.

  14. Bloody traitor !!!!.. I know she is my cousin .. but you could at least pop into mine !!!! All is good … life is like the weather.. full of sunshiiiiiine !

  15. Raspberries. I’m here aren’t I. And no need to rub it in about the sunshine. Jolly nippy in London today and snow on the way (althought to be fair will be about a quarter of an inch so doesn’t really count).
    Surely not 10,000 reading this? (no offence) ha ha

  16. Not a lurker – known to you, but I’ve not been visiting for a while. I’m thinking today how fun your Monday Montages are, and yet you can get nice big pics too…Ah, wordpress not blogger… I have a wordpress address. Maybe I should transfer over…

    Jay is a wordpresser too, I think.

  17. @Sel. Bless you, my darling. You need to leave a comment on mine now!

    @Moon: Har de har – stealing your commenters I am. 😆

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