Posted by: Moon | January 19, 2009

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage

We had a wonderful Sunday, out with Jeff and Max, sailing the seven seas….




  1. Great adventure, and some fantastic photography. I do envy you this trip. When I first moved to the West Coast I used to go sailing for a week in late May, did it every year, and it was truly a relaxing vacation. Good for you and Mrs. M.

    Good for Max too.

  2. Cortes : we are very lucky to have such a good neighbour who loves going out with us… we supply the beer, he supplies the boat .. also, this is off our harbour here, on our doorstep. Max loves it, but he hates the seals.. he has a huge problem with them !

  3. So do I, though his sense of smell is quite a bit better than mine – which might explain his problem!

  4. We went on a whale watching boat trip when we were in Canada – it was amazing!! You saw many more marine mammals than we did though, and so much closer! Looks like a GREAT trip!

  5. Love your pics as always. Nice to see dolphins at play I so love mucking about in boats but rarely get the opportunity to get outside the harbour in anything other than a ferry.

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