Posted by: Moon | January 17, 2009

An amazing thing….. a conversation …

My wife will confirm this, I am addicted to Facebook, E-mail, Blogs, msn, skype  and text… I have this need to be intouch with my friends, all over the world, as if I was still living amongst them, sharing beer, sports, family and general laughs. I have a constant debate with Mrs M as to why she doesn’t feel the need to be in touch with her friends as often as I am …

I guess that is why I decided to start my blog … not because I think I am the funniest man on the planet, Mr Izzard probably is, but I am a very close second, not because my views are life changing, and will effect Mr president elect… but because I want to be able to have that pub conversation with my absent friends. I want to be able to say… Hey, look what we did this weekend…….

Nothing wrong with either of us, we just chose things in different ways. I love to see my friend’s photos, post my own, read others thoughts on sports, travel, what they had for dinner, and which ugly person they mistakenly woke up next to … I miss all that in real life, so I use the internet as a decent substitute.


So today was a real change for me. I had been meaning to phone this person for quite a while. I didn’t really have time to talk when I last saw her (at my blessing in Sept) so, today, after Mrs M had spoken to everyone in Slovakia, I took the moment, dialed the number and waited to finally talk. I mean talk.. Not witty comments on Facebook, a humourous comment on a blog, but a normal conversation on this that are affecting us right now …. Kids, wind, dogs, friends in need and my favourite … how wonderful the 85 Deg F weather is right now … she had a witty repartee of “bugger off” to that conversation !

So, to actually talk (bearing in mind, I talk for a living!) was great.. to laugh at things, to talk about our plans to see each other in Sept, to hear her telling kids in the background to be quiet, and even call her hubby ‘stumpy’ … her words, not mine I might add. It was great, really gave me a buzz, and make me realise, that, although I do love to keep intouch with so many friends on Facebook, to be able to email people at will…. Some people are worth a call …….



  1. I agree wholeheartedly – there is nothing, absolutely nothing like a proper two way conversation. x

  2. Well, I was going to have nice conversation with my Mum yesterday, but she has buggered off to Bali. Perhaps I shall phone Moon instead?

  3. Ah, yes. There’s no substitute for actually talking to someone, is there? Face to face is best, phone is next best – although you could do a video call with Skype, couldn’t you?

    Not that I want to encourage your total immersion in technology. …


  4. Kate : Indeed… I agree wholeheartedly

    DBM : Sorry sis, we were out on the boat, sailing with dolphins in the bay ……

    Jay : I don’t look to good on skype, those cameras make me look fat ……

  5. Face to face conversations are great . . I’m not a fan of the phone because I use it all day at work and am simply chatted out by the time I get home but Skype is my second addiction! With or without webcams it’s great and free . . .and works better than my shitty email! Although my sister doesn’t answer email so I might have to have a ‘real’ converstation with her this weekend.

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