Posted by: Moon | January 15, 2009

I learn’t a new System…. cost me $100

Well, I have been on my travels again. I had to be in Connecticut on Sunday night for a 7pm dinner, followed by two days of sales meetings ! So, to get across the USA is not a short trip, so, I asked Mrs M to lever me out of bed at 4am on a Sunday morning to catch my flight from LAX to Connecticut, via Cincinnati. Flights were with Delta, and it used to be, that a 6 hr flight is a major trip, but now, it’s like getting a train for me. As long as the planes arrive and depart on time, it’s a complete bore…. On the way, every plane did what it was asked to do, and I was in Hertford on schedule to meet my Boss spot on time, infact, 30 mins early !!!


So, we get off to dinner, and meet all our other colleagues. A group of people I really enjoy spending time with, and I am lucky to have a great company and guys to work with.


The hotel was a huge MGM Casino called Foxwoods. I am not a gambler, so to see people in the casino is always interesting for me to see, but not to take part … however …


Some of the guys are experienced gamblers, and I was soon sucked into listening to their schemes and systems to beat the cards and balls !.. bollocks I believe…. The casino will never lose money ….


Anyway, I start to listen, and decide to give the Roulette table a whirl … I didn’t realize there are quite a few rules and etiquette on gambling, and I was keen to learn these before I go to Vegas with Mrs M, DBM and sister R. so, I finally get my chips and I am off on the system. Look for a trend .. example, 3-4 hits on red in a row… your brain says logically it has to fall on black soon …. So, if it comes up red again, hold your nerve and put double again on black ….. Eventually, it will fall on black … but you have to hold your nerve …. I didn’t, and that cost me my $100 ! I had fun, and we all laughed together, and that was the point for me… the experience… and I was happy to lose for that. I knew my limit, and walked away….


What I don’t get is the fatties (they normally are) that sit, on their own, in front of slots all day … what is the point of that ?, there is no skill, the machine are designed to only pay out at a certain percentage, and there is zero social experience ?.. Sorry, I just don’t get it at all !!


So, I learnt how to play, had a great laugh with people … that’s worth $100 to me !



  1. hmmmm, fatties. You must try to be a bit more understanding – it’s in the genes, you know. And I don’t mean jeans, although it is definitely there too.

    I only gamble $20 a day. Scares me. Unsually have come out a winner though.

  2. Cortes : we all have our weight problems, but we don’t have a motorised wheelerchair just because we can’t be arsed to walk to the pie shop and back …

  3. I don’t gamble, either, it makes visiting Vegas interesting! I’d need lessons!

    It was on our last day that I found that yes, they are actually available! LOL!

  4. I took the Paduan to Star City Casino in Sydney, it’s full of Chinese punters. Seriously, it’s spot the Aussie, they’re mad for it. We parked there quite a lot over the last 2 weeks because it’s only $12 a day and has a ferry connection. I was amazed to see the car park almost full and the Casino in full swing at 10am! Sorry, just dont get it. I’m a once a year sweep on the Melbourne Cup person myself!

  5. Baino : I do get the playing cards, roulette, having some beers, and socialising part …… but not the slots ….. very anti-social. Also, I am sure, that when you are in the Sydney Casino, you have no idea on the time of day.. they are very clever with this, pump oxagen in to keep you alert, no clocks at all, and always open .. who knows what time of day it is inside the casinos.

    Jay : You will never get a better place to people watch than Vegas …. fasinating stuff

  6. I like the slots – but then I am antisocial!
    Looking forward to Vegas!!!!!!!

  7. I wouldn’t know where to start – going to the dogs was fun but I didn’t win a bean… I only really went to see what Hippie would have been doing had she made the grade. Roulette? tried it once in a former life – was given a tenner to play with and won £100 – then I stopped and tried to give it back to the guy who gave me a tenner – Daft Hippy girl see? Didn’t want it even when I won it if it wasn’t mine to begin with – I’m still the same really….

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