Posted by: Moon | January 10, 2009

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday (Sunday) Montage…

Sorry to post the Monday Montage a day early, but as I have to get Mrs M out of the Bed on a Sunday morning at 4am to get me to LAX… yet another cross country flight to the snow covered Connecticut …


Never say I can’t poke fun at myself … some old photos I have found, many more to come !!




  1. I was enjoying a nice quiet evening in front of the tv, watching the BeeGees and Eric Frampton play Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, when my computer burped. Being that it is a bit late now for a new goal in the EPL, I thought I should check it out.

    Low and behold, there is Moon, looking a bit like Prince Harry in the 90ish wedding photo. The only thing that was missing was the apology, as he (that reads Prince Harry) is want to do lately. Paki indeed!

    Another little peek into your past my friend. I only wish I could reciprocate, but unfortunately, the only pictures I have of my youth are in the police files in Saskatoon.

  2. Cortes : I have never been likened to Royalty before !… I have loads to come, I have managed to get all my old photos onto digital .. so my travels to Australia, Peru, Morroco and Nepal are all coming ….

  3. Jesus I’d forgotten how bad that dog’s teeth were. Lovely lad, though.

    And look at the cricket club…ah, my misspent youth….

  4. Lovely dog – bless him and a lovely Irish name!!!!
    You are very like you Mum young man!

  5. I LOVE the bungee jumping pic! You really should blow that up and frame it. I think it’s a bathroom picture.


  6. Moon, you look like a proper diver! I think you have missed your vocation.
    Nice to see you got to fulfil that life long fantasy you had too…. being bummed by someone whilst riding an elephant.
    Well done.

  7. EM : His eeth were terrible, and his breath … Jeez !!, but he was the most lovable hound ..

    Kate : He was called Murphy as with his white chest, he looked a little like a pint of Murphys…. Not sure looking like Ma is a compliement

    Jay : It was a great experince, I did two jumps. They have had over 1 million jumpers, and one injury… A lady changed her mind and broke her leg walking back down the steps !!

    Seags : Is that an insult .. the diver bit … and no, I wasn’t being rogered by the Mahout !

  8. My young guest asked if he could bungy jump in Australia. When I told him he’d have to fly to Cairns he was up for it until I told him how far away it was! He thought flying to New Zealand would be like crossing the Channel! I loves your dawg . . no wonder you miss having one.

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