Posted by: Moon | January 7, 2009

Why ?…. rude ******

We decided on Saturday that we need to get away from the beach, and find some snow…. We are very lucky, and live in one of the few places in the world where you can be standing on the beach in your shorts at 12 mid day, and then be in deep snow 2 hrs later.


It was marvelous, Big Bear Lake was frozen solid, and we had a nice wander, some food, and of course took the camera along with us.


Coming home was slightly different. As Big Bear is one of the few skiing places close to LA, and there are only three roads to get there, we made the mistake of leaving as it got dark, and yes, we were trapped in traffic. We, well, Mrs M, decided that we should try a new route home, so we headed off into the dark, not really knowing where we were headed. The snow started to fall, and instead of going down, we started up !… soon, snow was quite hard, and the snow was collecting on the road. We did pass some signs saying “snow-chains or 4 wheel drive only”, so we continued on in the jeep, making sure we had a constant steady speed. Not a worry, our decision to buy the Jeep was again justified, as we would have been stuck without it.


Now, to the point of this post…. We were in a queue of traffic as we came down from the 8,500ft peak. Snow on the road, and cars were doing about 15mph, with a sensible space between each other. You can imagine the hairpin bends as you descend a mountain, and the constant stream of cars as we all headed down …. So tell me …. What right has any dick-head, in the dark, to be over taking to jump the queue of sensible traffic ? obviously, this was incredible dangerous, and what did he achieve, well, he moved forward about 10 cars … so bugger all… so that obviously angered me and Mrs M, however, the danger was not my main thought. My main thought is, why, do these people think it is ok, and their right to basically just push into a queue ? Don’t get me wrong, I used to drive a very powerful BMW when I was back in England, and I had the power and speed to over take, safely, most things. I always thought that if I could get somewhere faster, and overtake safely, then all was ok. However, to mindlessly push back into a queue of waiting traffic defies my logic on decent courtesy. It’s justy plain arrogance and rude …. I hate that … so, so much !


Do they just push into any queue they feel like it ?… I was half hoping that I would round the next bend and find his beloved truck parked up against a tree …. But alas, no… I am sure he got home quicker than me …. By about 2 mins …


What a wanker !



  1. These people are everywhere you find a line up – at the grocery store, at the gas station, the movies, at restaurants, and God help them, at the pub! I will let them in, with the odd bit of grumbling, anywhere but at the pub. Don’t get between me and the pint! There are limits, after all.

    Good topic.

  2. Oh, I hate that, too – particularly when it happens in a situation where there are road signs up warning you that a lane is about to close. Most people will move over in good time so as not to inconvenience anyone, but there are always the selfish idiots who continue as fast as possible in the wrong lane, then sit and force their way into the queue at the last minute.

    What gives them the right? Why should we let the in when they’ve behaved like that?

  3. You can’t get away from them – just make sure they get away from you….. drive safely my friend – they might get there quicker or they might never get there…..
    peace and love……

  4. What a blowhole. It’s not just the queue jumping, it’s lucky he didn’t kill all the rest of you. Some poor lady here stopped to help someone and was mown down and killed by some idiot driving home drunk from a party. Trouble is, I wouldn’t mind if they killed themselves but when they kill other people so often it’s all wrong.

  5. Cortes : Get between a man and his pint …. a very VERY brave man !

    Kate : We thought that, at least he was past us, and didn’t effect us … thankfully

    EM : You know, it wasn’t the damger I thought of, it was how bloody rude… but yes, you are right, that is the key here… no-one doing anything wrong except him… and he would probably get away with life in a n accident … unlike others !

    Jay : We could be twins !!!!!

  6. This pisses me off no end.

    What I do is over take them again regardless of the dangers or consequences and then proceed to fire new born puppies at their windscreen.

    That generally stops them in their tracks. If they respond, load the puppies with live explosives and repeat the firing.

    That always works.

  7. To quote the delectable and wonderful Mr Fry;

    ‘Only resentful bores and bitter egoists see everything from their own point of view, surely?’ (Fry, S. 2009)

    So there maybe after all be a reason to pity the sad f**kers. And perhaps seek to be a role model?

    As for ‘forcing your way into a queue’ it’s no more or less than conditioning (Skinner, Pavlov, Thornedike, Hull) ergo, if you continue to let them in they will continue to push in!! Your call.

    J X

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