Posted by: Moon | January 4, 2009

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage

A little of a mixed bag today….


Some are from our New Years Eve night together… we went out intending for a decent night out, but after a great sushi, we headed into the local Booza expecting it to be loud and fun…… but it was dead … so we wandered home, got changed into our ‘sweats’ and lit the fire outside.. it was brilliant, and as the thick fog swept down, we sat toasting the New Year til the early hours !


Also including is one of the most amazing things that is so rare… we left home at zero ft above sea level … and within 2 hrs we were at 8500ft in deep snow… the wonder of  where we live !



  1. Some beautiful pics in there, Moon – and it sounds like a better NYE than sitting in a stuffy bar, to me. 😉

  2. Looks and sounds wonderful – I woke up to snow here this morning!!! The greyhound thought it was amazing but the cat – just a look of disdain and back to bed!!!!

  3. Ooh, it looks lovely out there by the fire. Me Ma emailed me this morning and said it’s snowing heavily at home too.

    Oh and Moon, I hate to be an old woman, but seriously, you need to cut out the cigars. I need to keep you for a long time 🙂

  4. Joy ; It turned out to be far better .. we just felt we were getting old before our time, so we headed out to the bar … but this was far better…

    Kate : I love to see dogs in the snow, esp when they are not used to it !!!

    EM : The fire is wonderful, it does get cold in the evening, so to be able to sit out, under a clear sky … beautiful …

    as for the cigars… blame your brother … and, I probably smoke 1 a month, so not a disaster, that was the only one I smoked over Christmas….

  5. Let you off then. IJ smokes like a bloody chimney. Still, Bert was grateful for all the walks 🙂

  6. Best way to spend NYE is with family and friends. Love the fire pit, looks like something out of a Marlon Brando movie. Classic Americana.

  7. Just taken another look at the pics … why are your legs on fire? Hot stuff, are you? LOL!

  8. Jay ….. it’s also where the sun shines out of too ….

  9. Great idea for an outside fire . ,. . we just pick up sticks and light one in the back yard. That’s the kind of snow I like, the sort you can visit then come home

  10. EA : Yes… we had 80 deg F today, but snow is only 2 hrs away … also the fire.. we love it, no TV, no distractions, just a beer and good conversation … or rubbish conversation when I’m involved !

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