Posted by: Moon | January 1, 2009

Plans, Plans and yet more Plans ….

I am not a big planner… More of a ride by the seat of my Pants kinda guy (prize for whoever knows  where that line was stolen from!)….. but I guess we all kinda of think what we would like to do going forward. Mrs M and I went out last night to celebrate New Year… this was a first for us, in our three NYE’s we have had… one was spent with us in different countries, the second we were in bed by about 10pm, so we decided last night to actually see in the New Year. We went out for some excellent Sushi, and then we made plans to go to the local booza, thinking it would be busy, lively, and fun to see in the NY. Well, the pub was dead….. very dead, so we changed our ideas, walk home in a thick fog, lit the fire outside, sat until about 2am, talking, drinking Champers and smoking a cigar or two … and we got planning for 2009 …..

The biggest thing that we both love is  travel, and living in this wonderland of California, we intend to see everything we can…. so here is our list of places we WILL see in 2009…

Las Vegas – Meeting my two sisters there for a week-end, and I will go see one of the things I have always wanted to see, the great Hoover Dam…

The Channel Islands – We have, just off the coast some wonderful, small, deserted Islands, and if we can ‘hire’ our neighbour and Max to sail us over there for a week-end of camping. (our neighbour will sail, not Max….)

Yosemite – 100% a must to go to, we will only get a week-end there, but we will drive through the night, camp there, attempt Half Dome, and see the wonder everyone tells us about …

Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Prince Rupert and a dip into Alaska – This will our major trip of the year, call in and see DBM, Cortes, head over for some whale watching in Tofino, ferry to Prince Rupert, and then to go see the Grizzly Bears feeding on the Salmon

Home, Ireland and France – This will be a week trip, see Ma and home, go to Ireland for EM’s Blessing, and then to France to defend Quentin in our 7th annual golf tour to Caen.

That’s all we have planned for 2009, but I know business will also take us around the USA, early Jan takes me to Connecticut for starters.


I was also talking to 2 friends from Oz, Baino, a new friend from the Blogsphere, and Skully, a great cricketing friend from Adelaide….. got my hunger, and certainly Mrs M’s to re-visit the wonderful land of Oz… and of course, NZ and beyond… but that will have to wait, but it’s our plans.

I was talking to these guys on both MSN and Skype… if anyone wishes to add me …. just ask… I love to talk and keep in touch, and of course, talk with any of my readers….

Also, if anyone really gives a fuck, my travel map on Facebook is a true history of my travels, DBM aside, I have been so lucky to have see over 200 ‘cities’ in many countries, and so many more to see……..


  1. Happy New Year! Ah, we’d love to travel. This year will be taken up with the blessing, but we’ve got plans for Canada and I’d love to see Oz too – maybe we’ll meet up there?! xx

  2. Ooh nice choices. I like the Vancouver one although I’d try to add a cruise along the Inside Passage as well (sounds a bit rude eh!) And anyone who drinks Champagne has free digs at mine!

  3. EM : We can discuss in Sept … hope Bert will be awake to help with my jetlag !

    Baino : yes we are… from Port Hardy, tip of Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert, 15 hrs up the inside passage … oh er… best bring lube !

  4. Well, I am planning on a quick trip up the Inside Passage this year, as well as Vegas and Disneyland. I am also thinking England and a side trip to Dublin to visit EM, but ssshhhh, don’t tell Mr. DBM. He will not even let me mention the word travel yet – he is still decompressing from our most recent trip. OK, so I admit that I was trying to plan a trip to Indonesia perhaps for the summer on the plane on the way home. Perhaps I should give him a few more days…….????
    I am also trying to persuade Cortes that he should join us on our trip to England/Ireland. Well, he does love good pubs, good beer and could company – I can guarantee him at least two of those things!

  5. EM and Baino: Come to Canada! We would love to have you.

  6. DBM : Now thats a great idea, get Cortes to share a guiness or two with me … good thinking !

  7. Spend more time at Yosemite. An all night drive then trying half dome is insane. It’s a 12 hr hike and very hard.

  8. Rick : We will not drive overnight and do half dome the next day … we are not daft …. we will have to drive up there overnight due to holiday resyraints, but we will give ourselves time to recover. We are very aware of the length and distance of this trek, not something we will take on lightly I can assure you.

  9. I do have some thoughts on my next little jaunt or two. I am planning a trip to the Great Lakes to do some diving on shipwrecks this summer, or early fall.

    I would love to do the England trip, if the times work, and I could get one or two golf games in. The beer and the pubs would be memorable, I’m sure.

    I also want to plan a bit of a cruise in the late fall, go to Miami or Fort Lauderdale and then float around the Caribbean a bit.

    Right now though, I could jump a plane and go somewhere warm for three or four days of golf and beer. Any takers?

  10. Cortes ….. Come to see us … it’s not too warm mind… but always golf and beers here !, also, you must think about the England and Ireland trip seriously .. imagine sitting in a proper Irish Pub have a Guinness, or my local booza in Northchurch …. gotta be tempting ….

  11. I’m not fond of travelling but i love getting there….. think I’ll stick to Spain and the Canaries this year – friends and family in both places and it gives me a chance to practice my Spanish!!! Always a bonus!
    If you come to sunny England we could arrange a bloggers meet – that would be fun!

  12. DBM: Yes! Bring Cortes! And too right, we’ll come and see you (f you can stand the kids, that is – although by the time we can afford it they’ll probably both be grown up!)

    Moon: We need to work on Cortes. Seriously.

  13. Cortes: It must be nice to be wamted.

  14. Ooops. I meant wanted – I have no idea what wamted is.

  15. Kate : I would love to, but I think I will only get 2 days in England… with EM’s wedding, and then a golf trip to France … I think I’ll only get mon and a tuesday with Ma and friends ….

    EM : I know, it’s a must as far as I can see….

    DBM … for once, just once, I am not the man with the fat fingers !!!!!!… wamted sounds nice though ..

  16. Moon –

    In reply to your entry on my site… in 2007 the only person EVER to fall to his death of the Cables on Half Dome drove up at 1:30 am from San Jose. Arriving at 6 am then did the hike. Fatigue and dehydration??? I think so. See my ACCIDENTS page for more info. I just did’t want you to suffer. Sounds like you are well equipped for the Half Dome hike. To answer you – I suggest JUNE as the best time. The cables should be up by mid-May … weather dependent, not a fixed schedule. The day has max sunlight. Sun sets about 8:30. The waterfalls are really smoking. By mid-July they wimp out. And there is less chance of lightning. Yes, it does strike every month of the year. In 1985, 2 guys were killed and 2 badly burned on top by lightning. Crowds will be there. 6 billion mouths on the planet now so leave early. Like 5:30 am. Be at the cables before 11 especially on weekends. Or you will face a caterpillar going up the final 425 vertical feet. I like to stay at the Curry Village tent cabins but they closed 200 of them due to the rockslides in Oct – now permanently closed. So book NOW.

    Lastly get my book, really. I’m not getting rich on it, but it lays it all out. Amazon is giving them away. I have a link on my site. Or go to REI. Dunno if they stock it in LA stores. “One Best Hike: Yosemite’s Half Dome”. Email me diret if I can help more. And have FUN!


  17. Thanks Rick, I am off to REI today, so I will look our for your book. I have emailed you privately, so thanks again for your expert help.


  18. Moon, DBM and EM:

    It does feel good to be “wamted”. I will begin chequing into flites etc. But it wood be nice to hab a travel date to shoot four.

  19. Cortes : Speak with DBM, but I will be flying on Thursday , arriving in London on the 4th Sept, flying to Dublin the same day… spending the Friday night, and Saturday noght in Irleand, flying back to London on the 6th. I then depart to France on Weds the 10th I believe…

  20. Only taken me 6 years to reply and still waiting here in little old Adelaide waiting. A lots happened in that Chap. I’ve already visited you, kids, cubby houses and the list go on. One thing I know for sure is that its not easy to get out for a bat & bowl any more.

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