Posted by: Moon | December 29, 2008

The day I finally achieved a dream ….. and we were Shit !!

So, I have, along with my late father, and my Brother Timbers, been a massive fan and follower of American Football for over 25 years. Dad used to support the Giants, Timbers a huge fan of the Steelers from Pittsburgh. Unlike my love of the proper game of football, I was determined not to follow in big brother’s footsteps, andI chose to follow the lesser fancied Denver Broncos. They then had a huge turn of fortune led by the legend of John Elway, and won a couple of superbowls. Now, they are a shadow of that side, but still I follow everything about them, and the game.

Obviously, living here now, I had to take the chance to finally see them ‘live’ So, with The Broncos sharing a division with San Diego, I knew I would have the chance. If you think that financially I can afford to watch them in The Mile High Stadium in Denver …. No Chance, and it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to work out that the Denver home stadium is a ‘Mile High’ above sea level, and in the Denver winter… fucking cold !. So, me and Mrs M booked tickets at the start of the season, just excited to be going to finally see The Broncos (admittedly, I was ‘slightly’ more excited than Mrs M !). As it happens, it turns out to be a VERY important game, basically, the winner of this game goes to the Play-offs, the loser… well, what do you get for finishing 2nd ?… Chuff All !

We knew that the pre-game, car-park picnic is  a key part of the game, so we arrive, 4 hrs before the start of the game, park up, crack open a beer, and chill. It’s amazing, everyone unloads tents, bbq’s, coolers, even TV’s and satellite dishes. American footballs flying everywhere, all very good natured, and lots of fun. I was slightly nervous of wearing my Broncos jersey at someone else’s territory, but not once did I feel in danger. All good humoured comments and rivalry. We headed into the Stadium an hour before kick-off to have a look about, and get settled to enjoy the game. The stadium was rocking, a amazing atmosphere, the cheerleaders warmed us up… and we were off….

Denver were shit !, blew it big time, The Charger’s romped home 52-21, which is a right hiding ! but, what a great experince, shame we were so poor. The atmosphere was tremendous, I guess that helps when you win so easily, in such a important game. I was grumpy, but I appreciated we lost, not unluckily, not by a shite referee, but by the better side on the day. There were some very noisy, piss taking Charger fans around, but again, although it hurt, I can understand. I am also comforted by the fact I think the Colts will stuff them in the play-offs ! bitter…. Moi ??


So, I don’t care if you are not the slightest bit interested in American Football, or if indeed you hate sport… you cannot fail to be entertained by the whole thing of the game, the fans, and the magical way the Americans entertain people…. it was brilliant. I have made a promise, that one day, I will sit with my Brother, and we will watch a game together. I would love it to be The Steelers v The Broncos, but that is unlikely… but next season… I expect to see a game together.




  1. You’re not going to believe this but yesterday I was waiting in the coffee lounge of GoodYear tyres while the Corolla had a refit and the same two teams were playing. I was there for an hour and a half and only once did a foot actually connect with the ball! Why it’s called ‘Football’ I have no idea. I didn’t get it I’m afraid. Maybe because I was a captive audience . .I watched the whole thing . . heavily armoured men . . line up . .run into each other . . tackle . .run .. even those without the ball tackle each other then if you’re lucky a touchdown and do a dance. I was hard pressed to see the ball!

    I was saying the same thing to Megan and she’s a nut for it.

    The slow-mo shots were pretty impressive but then, I come from a country where all they wear is a box on their privates and a bit of anti glare . . .

  2. Baino : Ah well, we can’t all ‘get’ the game, but to see it live, even if you don’t like or understand, it’s a great spectacle … as for wearing a box .. well, having played cricket for so long… you really would want your ‘fella’ to be wearing one !!!

  3. Glad you got to live the dream finally, Moon, regardless of the outcome! Nice cheerleader shots by the way. Hubby’ll appreciate those. Happy new year, by the way. Wishing you and Mrs M love and happiness for the year ahead


    PS: Thanks for the laugh you gave us addressing Mad Uncle A’s card to ‘Ugly’. Needless to say someone passed is straight to him 🙂

  4. I have to confess I know nothing about the game nor how it is played but am hoping to get tickets to see the New England Patriots game at Wembley next October.

    Our friend in Rhode Island is a MASSIVE Patriots fan and is even planning a trip to the UK to come and see the game.

  5. You know I’m a fan. First game we saw was in Raymond James stadium in Tampa Bay – that spoiled us! Lovely people, beautiful venue & weather, and the pirate ship too. Oh yeah, and our team won.

    You’re right. The Americans know how to do football!

    Glad you were able to enjoy it even though you lost.

  6. Jay : I didn’t know you were a fan ….. a Tampa fan ??….. The fact we were soundly beaten by the better team means I could handle it, and I was there to enjoy …. can sit bacvk and enjoy the playoff tomorrow, hoping for a Steelers win this year ..

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