Posted by: Moon | December 24, 2008

A Christmas Blog …..

Unlike my fellow bloggers, I am active over Christmas, and I was just in the shower thinking (I get my best blog ideas in the shower!).


Christmas is a funny time for me, esp when I am away from home, and of course missing my family and friends. One of the reasons for Christmas to be a little strange is quite simple. At 3o-jdvcghdvc-ish, I am still the youngest member of my immediate family. So, with this knowledge, you can see that we have a very mature, sensible-ish Christmas these days. I believe that Christmas is for the little people, and in the words of my favorite Dragon … for that reason, I am out !. So, another reason Christmas is a little strange is the location of our family. With two of us deciding to marry foreigners, and living over 5000 miles away, we even celebrate the day at different times. Ma, Sister R and Sir Chili Boy will be nearly though their day, just as DBM and husband are starting theirs. With Mrs M being a Slovak, we have finished her day, but just starting mine, as my Brother Timbers and Orange are drifting into a post dinner snooze… so, the only way we share is with telephone calls, and texts … not really a traditional Christmas, but one we have chosen by travelling, and one we get used to…. I hope, this will all change one day, and we can re-live our wonderful, family traditions as and when we are blessed with ankle biters …..


Also, of course I miss my friends, I know for a fact, that Mogstar, Harvey and Damp Towel will be downing a few beers at the G&D, my cousins will be all together in Ireland, Chewy will be smoking a cigar with his family…. Mr Seago will be missing Quentin …. So that is also very tough to be away from all those people. Christmas isn’t always a wonderful happy time. I know my Ma will be sad this Christmas. She will be missing my Dad, and sadly lost her cat of 14 years yesterday. She will also miss her family being together. She loves her 4 children very deeply, she is very proud of all of us, and not having her children together hurts her. This will be resolved at some point, but with our lives seemingly leading us to new, and different countries, who knows when we will all be together again. I can’t even think what occasion will see all 4 children, with their better halves sharing a drink and a meal together. We all keep in touch on a regular basis, but it’s not the same… it will happen again…. But who knows when ?

So, Christmas is a wonderful, joyous time, but for me and Mrs M it does involve some sadness and tears. Mrs M misses her Ma and Pa, her family, and Godson, the Little Sod, and of course I miss my Dad, and my family.


BUT… I know, I am lucky to have the greatest  friends, I won’t list them all, but you guys know who you are, all over the world. One of them welcomed his first Son into the world yesterday, that brings a warm feeling to my heart, I have the most wonderful family, and I love them all to bits…… so, today, I raise a glass to those closest to my heart, I miss you all, I love you all… to Sister R, Sir Chili Boy, Timbers, Orange, DBM, and Mr DBM… my friends, Chris, Harvers, Damp T, IJF, Seags, Chewy, Mogstar, Troy, and my cousins, my Slovak friends… and all the others too numerous to mention, I am lucky to have such great friends.

Be good, and enjoy your Christmas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. Well, looks like Mr. DBM and I will be enjoying our Christmas on a variety of planes, since we head home today. Do you think the check-in staff will be full of the Christmas Spirit and turn a blind eye to our very overweight bags?

    Fingers and toes crossed, snow ploughs allowing, we will be home tomorrow. I will phone as soon as I can, but in the meantime, Merry Christmas to you and the lovely M! Friends and family (plus any furry or hairy pets) are everything, even if they are not always as close as you would like them to be.
    Love you!


    You’ll be pleased to hear that Hubby took the fellas to the pub/undertakers last night and got them well squiffy, Mad Uncle A has bonded with Bert and the children are creating mayhem. Everything’s as it should be, then!

    Have a great day! xxxx

  3. Great post – me and OH are having a quiet one at home now that William has destroyed his squeaky toy in record time. Taffy shows no interest in toys unless they are edible!

    I am also thinking about and wishing all my e-friends a very happy christmas which ever time zone they live in!!

  4. Happy Christmas to you both – life is full of ups and downs – keep shining through both of you… peace and love, Kate x

  5. Well, it’s all over bar the cleanup down here and was indeed a good family Christmas although some were no longer with us and my neph is skiing in France (bastard). Good times. Hope yours was too!

  6. All pretty much done here as well, the Americans do not celebrate Boxing Day, so we have chilled out, and I am watching the Aussies battle in the cricket !

  7. Aaah .. you’re just a soppy sentimentalist underneath, aren’t you, Moon?

    MIL had the displeasure of having one of her three sons emigrate to Canada, and one of the other two attempt to emigrate to Africa. She was never more glad of a serious illness in one of her boys, since it turned out that he was so severely allergic to something in Botswana that he had to come home.

    One must allow ones children to live their own lives and go where their hearts take them, but it certainly is hard on their ageing parents – especially when they’ve lost their own partner.

    I hope you managed to have a good time despite all! Happy New Year!

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