Posted by: Moon | December 23, 2008

Time to celebrate …..



I am sure you are all in the holiday spirit, and today we start 3 days of serious celebration. Today is a huge day for me and Mrs M, it was 365 days ago that we were on top of a very snowy Grouse Mountain in Canada saying those wonderful words “I Do”…….


It’s been an amazing year, and we thank all those that have been in our lives, some we have known for ever, some we have only just met…. here’s to the next 50 !




Tomorrow we celebrate a traditional Slovakian Christmas, and then my Christmas on the 25th …..


Enjoy all, and no, NOT happy Holidays……. HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY EXCITING, WONDERFUL NEW YEAR !!!!!


Lots of love Moon and Mrs M x



  1. A year gone already – my, time flies. Mr. DBM and I are heading for 10 years this March. Can you believe anyone could put up with me for that long!?!

    Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas. Will call when we get back – if we get back. Apparently Canada is rather snowed under this year and we may be getting a very white Christmas. All well and good when you are cuddled up by a nice fire with lots of food and drink. Not so good if you are trying to fly home via Toronto. Wish us luck!

  2. Congratulations you two!!!
    Have a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!
    Take care of each other…
    Peace and Love
    Kate x

  3. Have fun – I am still at work until lunch time then the festivities begin!!

    Hope DBM gets home safely (our friend in Maine said the snow has been really heavy up there already – looks like he will be having a white christmas!)

  4. PS Happy Anniversary!

  5. Ah you’re such a lovely looking couple. The best thing about being married to a European is that Christmas lasts longer. My son is at his Lithuanian girlfriend’s Christmas as I type and backs up tomorrow for the Baino Bash. Merry Christmas to you both, wishing you happiness health and prosperity . . .I’m very glad I found you!

  6. Baino: Do you need glasses? While I will grant you that the lovely M is well, lovely, I am not sure that this term can be applied to the not so lovely Moon.

    Taffy: Thanks – let’s hope the snow ploughs are out in force.

  7. Hang on …. I am bloody lovely !!!!!!

    You are right, today is Christmas day, as is tomorrow .. brilliant eh !!!!

    Hope you all have a good one and a safe one x

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