Posted by: Moon | December 21, 2008

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage



Well, it’s a dip into my photo archives for todays Montage. We haven’t been anywhere this week-end, for once, we had a chill out, a relaxing, doing nothing kind of time… so here are a few of our snaps from one of the most wonderful countries in the world….


  1. Facbook? Sausage fingers strike again!!!

    Have a wondrous Christmas darling. Until 1009!!!


  2. Amazing cat!!! Happy Monday!!!

  3. Jealous, jealous.. I am. 🙂

    Happiest Christmas to you both. I haven’t forgotten the parcel. Will send after the madness of the New Year. Oh, and I must add your facebook – excellent!

  4. EM : Yeah, I know …… sorted now !!!!

    Happy Christmas, love to all the family x

    Kate ; I do like a nice pussy …. he was HUGE !!!

    Coastal : It’s one of the great places of the world !

    Happy Christmas to you too, be good to see you on Facebook

  5. Your photos are always great – and usually harbor a surprise or two. The latest did not disappoint in either regard. Wishing you and the Mrs. all our best for Christmas. Be happy. Be safe.

    Will send you my predictions for Boxing Day (they don’t have that down where you are, did you know that?). You haven’t heard the last from me.

  6. I loved Thailand to but it’s so humid! Bewfuls heffalumps piglet.

  7. I wish all Wonderful and Merry Christmas and New Year filled with only good surprises, love and happiness. Peace to you and your love ones……

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