Posted by: Moon | December 18, 2008

Makes me so mad !

I think I am a very green person. I don’t mean that in the way the Seven Deadly Sins work, I mean as in I try to be environmentally aware. With Mrs M’s technology of Solar panels, and a realization that we have to do something (even the little things matter).


So, what gets me so pissed off ?, well, so many things to be honest… the wasteful nature of energy, the light pollution we have, the cars being driven here. The price of a gallon has dropped from $4.60 down to $1.63 now. So I filled my Nissan up for $26 yesterday !, that about 15 Gbp. This is great, but of course, it does nothing to make people change their thoughts on these crazy gas guzzling, awful American vehicles …. Other things that get to me …. Well, the packaging of goods in the supermarket, and my ultimate annoyance… supermarket plastic bags !!!!!!!


I fucking hate them !!!!!. Last year, myself and Mrs M made a promise that we would NEVER use another plastic bag. In the last 365 days, I would guess we have used no more than 5. There is NO need whatsoever to use plastic bags … seriously, I am so passionate, and have such a strong HATRED of bags. Last year, we spent about $10 in total on re-useable bags. We also had Ma bring some excellent ones over from Tesco. I believe they cost about 2 pounds each. Please, please make the effort to do this. I would also implore you NOT to use the individual, small, clear bags to put your veggies into, before you then put them into yet another plastic bag. There is again no need. Just think about it for a second… why put two peppers into two plastic bags. Put them into your trolley as they are, then, into you re-usable bag when you pack after the checkout. Ok, so the dumb-arse person operating the till will have to put them on the scale individually, but I am sure they will cope. I remember my Mum used to always take her own bags, or find a large box, as they used to charge for the plastic bags… I would go back to that, and charge $1.. that would soon stop you using them.


I have noticed this so much here in the USA where the customer service levels are so high, they, 99% of the time, have someone there to pack your bags … great !!!… no, I hate it. We always pack our own, and they look at us like we are from another planet. Two reasons we do this, first one is I don’t need some one else to pack my bags, I find it very degrading to ask someone to do it, while you stand and watch. More importantly, they pack like wankers !. I mean, three items per bag, DOUBLE bag anything cold … WHY !!!! I know that the supermarket would probably be sued if a plastic back should break, and your eggs get smashed… but Jesus…. Learn to pack them properly if you are going to do it !. We go and buy a gallon of milk .. it comes in a plastic container with… wait for it …a HANDLE .. so use the fucking handle, and don’t expect a young lad/lass to pack it into 2 more bags !


Mrs M always packs our cloth bags, and for our shopping, she will get it into 2 bags. At some point last year, we had a BIG shop. I think about $300. Mrs M would have probably got this into 4 bags, with the boxed stuff being carried separately…. Please have a guess at how many plastic bags they used for this .. answers below please…..


So, I really to beg you… buy a couple of re-usable shopping bags, don’t go reeling off the veggie bags… and make a difference !!!!!!!


  1. No argument here, I’m a green bag user although it always makes me smile when they ask if I want meat in a different bag to the other fridgy items, they’re all going to inhabit the same shelf in the fridge! Have to say, I do sometimes forget and I do let them pack, here the checkout chicks scan and pack as they go and they’re pretty good at it. There was a move to charge for bags but it didn’t happen. Our local hardware chain doesn’t have them, they provide recycled boxes or you can buy a gigantic cloth bag for $2

  2. Calm down Swampy, you’ll give yourself a Thrombosis.
    Also, I was reading with my 7 year old neice sitting next to me who asked me what Wankers were and what Fucking meant.

  3. I don’t know how to live in a world where there are no plastic bags. And I am now suing the owner of this blog for presenting such dangerous ideas to the American public.

  4. Seags : Give her a couple of years, she know …!

    Rhyll : Welcome x, the owner of this blog is annon for obvious reasons….

    Baino : never thought of that one, why do they pack meat and dairy stuff in 15 million bags ???

  5. Bro, I have seen you being very green after a heavy night with Uncle Lager, Timbers

  6. timbers : Indeed, and I am sure I might have used a plastic bag on those occasions as well !

  7. Well, well, well. You have done it again. Nasty little rant against plastic baggies who cannot defend themselves. It is not their fault. Also, did you know that they now have plastic baggies that degrade in about 18 months? Less time than a newspaper, or a betting sheet, or a losing lottery ticket?

    Perhaps we need to put all this in the proper perspective? To deal with what is truly important.

    Would a large plastic bag be OK if we could stuff Keane in it and ship him back to White Hart Lane? I wonder?????

  8. Cortes : Indeed your are right … but I also do not ever read newspapers or betting slips … the good old BBC and BlueSquare take care of those two for me …. As for Keane, if he comes at 10mil instead of the 20 we sold him for … yes please …

  9. Oh dear – well I use my bio degradable plastic bags to clean up after the dog! Poop bags are just not big enough for the greyhound variety – and then it has to go into the wheelie bin for collection. If I was provided with a means of recycling the stuff – it might just be different…..until then…I’ll stick to my solar lights and lack of newspaper ect…

  10. Green issues in the good old U.S. of A ? you’re having a giraffe my friend !
    Woah there dude you are sounding as though your little jaunt over there is starting to get you down , first New York and now this, let’s have a little bit of positivity, we could do with it with what’s going on in the world at the mo’. which was started by the f*****g Americans ! , shit dude you’ve got me doing it now !! Merry xmas (happy holiday!)

  11. I’m guessing the MerryCan supermarket packers used about 35 bags for your big shop, Moon!

    We take out own bags to the supermarket, but, like Kate, we do accept a few plastic carriers from time to time to deal with the greyhound effluent in the back garden. With two large dogs we need bags to line a bucket with to go on poop patrol before tying them up for the wheelie bin – council rules: must be double bagged for disposal. We figure, better to re-use a bio-degradable co-op carrier than buy new bin bags for the purpose, and the ground here is simply not suitable for the dog waste composters. We bought one, but came unsutck when we tried to bury it as per instructions.

    As for putting my fruit & veg unwrapped in the cart … one of my pet hates is the way people put their babies in nappies to sit in the food section, or stand their toddlers in the things in their outdoor shoes. Good grief – they probably just trod in dog poop – or spit. No way, Jose.

    It was a damn good rant though! LOL!

  12. Kate & Jay – Ok, I can understand the second use for the plastic bag in that case, and at least you are re-using them …. still not 100% convinced.

    Mog – Maybe you are right, all a bit miserable rants over the last few… I will write a more positive blog next week, I promise.

    As for the number of bags used … it was 73 !!!!!!

  13. God you’re a miserable bastard.

    Merry Christmas. I’ve sent your present double wrapped in a plastic bag. Heh.

  14. EM : You can shove it up your …….. x

  15. Hahahahahaha!

    Happy families! LOL!

  16. I have a nice collection of cloth and extra strong shopping bags which I take with me when I go shopping (and I even use them when clothes shopping too!) although I have to agree with Jay that the fruit and veg will always go into one of those smaller plastic bags for hygiene reasons!

    I do reuse the smaller bags for my waste food and veg peelings to then tip into the compost bin before throwing the bag away

  17. I never really paid that much attention to being green Moon until i started my stink here in Sweden. Here everything is recyleable. They go as far as to check the garbage bins and handing out fines!!!!!
    That said it can get rather confusing too, There are 8 different bins to choose from :-).

  18. Billy : Esp with all those empties !!!!

    Taffy : Proud of you xx

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