Posted by: Moon | December 16, 2008

Dr Gregory House

Dr Gregory House


Please bear in mind that I do not know the majority of my commenter’s, which I am surprised at, I thought that it would mainly be friends and family, but as it turns out, most of my so called ‘audience’ are strangers. So, based on this, forgive me if you already know this, but the remarkable Dr Gregory House is played by one of my comic heroes, Hugh Lawrie.


Most of his serious acting has taken place over this side of the pond with his excellent portrayal of Medical Genius Dr House. He spends most of his time insulting, arrogantly, and I think very cleverly and funnily abusing his co-workers, Boss and all of his patients. Yes, he does diagnose 99% of the problems, and it is a bloody well written show, but it is Hugh Lawrie that makes this a huge success.


Hugh Lawrie background started when he was at Oxford, he was a member of the Oxford crew in the boat race, and teamed up with his comic partner Stephen Fry. He has played one of my favourite characters in the best comedy the BBC has shown. In Blackadder, he plays the moronic Prince George in Blackadder III, and Lieutenant George in Blackadder 4.


So, if you can imagine House, and Prince George, as the same actor, then you have done very well.


All the Americans I know over here love House, it’s regularly a nominee for all awards, and winning two Golden Globes, but they do not realize the daft, stupid but very funny humorous background he has.


He are some of my favourite clips ….







Hugh Lawrie is a genius in both his serious acting role, his piano playing, his comedy, just brilliant.



  1. Ah strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet! We have house over here too. Very clever although I prefer him doing sketches, used to love Laurie and Fry and of course Laurie in Black Adder!

  2. He was absolutely brilliant in Blackadder – of course, the script was a gift, and the rest of the cast pretty faultless too. It was just one of those things that worked so well, wasn’t it?

    I’ve never seen House, though I have seen clips. I’d probably like it – Laurie is indeed gifted and versatile. Maybe I should get the first series on DVD and catch up.

    That first clip was priceless!

  3. I’ve never seen it. Sounds fab though so I’ll try to catch in on Sky xx

  4. I did watch it a couple of times some years back, and thought it was extremely well done. Then I came to dislike commercials so much, that I simply chose not to watch normal North American programming. I suppose I am missing some great shows, but my stress level is considerably lower, and I no longer have to think about “anger management” courses!

    Small sacrifice I believe.

  5. Baino : Yes, you are right, and we will meet up at some point !, I agree, he was brilliant in Blackadder, but the change into House is equally brilliant, esp with a English sarcasm

    Jay : It’s my second fav clip…. “distintly Minty….” .. but my favorite is whe he can’t find his socks…. and Rowan Atkinson is perfect alongside him as well…

    EM : You would love it, right up your Alley, I promise you

    Cortes : Interesting you say that, we moan so much about the shite advertising, and the timings of it, but I guess we have got used to it. I started watching House when I was with you guys in Canada …. loved evey single episode since…

  6. Hello Stranger!!!!
    I got the boxed set of ‘House’ for Christmas last year – brilliant series…. my partner has got all the ‘Black Adders’ on DVD too – Don’t you just love to laugh out loud????

  7. ‘House’ is very stylish. But my favourite-most-favourite-ever is Jeeves and Wooster. Goofy, witty and fun, I love it!

  8. House is brilliant!
    It is hard to imagine Hugh Laurie playing such a serious role after growing up with him in Blackadder!

    I have the first 2 series of House on DVD then started to record the following series’ so we could cut out the adverts (they send me up the wall too and we get less of them here!)

    Channel 5 shows the series in the UK although old series are probably being shown on one of the freeview or sky/cable channels.

  9. Hugh Lawrie is a consummate actor. I have loved him for years, in all his roles. I like him as House, but will never forget when Blackadder went away and George was unable to dress himself for..a week, wasn’t it?

  10. K : yes, he banged around for days trying to get his trousers on, with Blackadder just sitting downstairs !!!, marvellous !

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