Posted by: Moon | December 14, 2008

Monday Montage

Got all artistic this week, no prizes for guessing where these were taken !….


Enjoy, and let me know you favourites !




  1. Let me guess anyway – Portland, Maine? Cool photos. Got one of your tree?

  2. So Close my friend …….. don’t ruin next weeks Montage !!!

    How’s snowy Canada eh ?

  3. very arty but I agree with Cortes – not very Christmassy!!!!

  4. Snowy Vancouver is COLD. This morning it was minus 8 degrees Celsius, and the wind chill took it to minus 17. With our humidity, I think it is approaching absolute Zero!

    I do expect to see a shot of your tree! Kate has one, and I think she may have the beginnings of a neat idea. We can all share our trees with each other.

  5. Well you know I love the yellow cabs at the zebra crossing but that collonade is pretty spesh too . . great city for photographs isn’t it? Love this Monday Montage stuff, shame it’s at the beginning of the week cos I get all motivated to take photos then lose impetus by the weekend! Gorgeous shots, you’re putting the new toy to good use!

  6. I love them all! But especially the night shot and the yellow cab. Ooh, and the flag! x

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