Posted by: Moon | December 11, 2008


Goodwill to all men …. 

Mrs M and myself have just return from a week-end in NYC, and you would expect me to be waxing lyrical on the wonders of Central Park, Rockefeller Centre, the lights of 5th Ave, Empire State Building, Mamma Mia on Broadway or snow in Times Square… 

But I’m not, no way am I, I am going to tell all you travelers that if you the worst service, the hardest possible way to be a tourist, aggressive cab drivers, and the rudest people I have ever met, then a trip to the most famous capital in the world is a must for you. I pray that people that travel to the USA, and only visit NYC do not judge America, and America people by these woeful people. 

As you know, we have travelled to quite a few parts of the Land of the Brave, and I blog and talk non-stop about the delights that the country offers. The Thursday and Friday before NYC, we were in Portland, Maine, for my companies Christmas do. We were taken out by my bosses on Thursday for Lobster ($19 for TWO !!!, Woo HOO), and Friday night the Party. Everyone was wonderful, so friendly, went out of his or her way help us, talk to us, get to know us. The waiting staff in every single restaurant was the same as California, perfect customer service. I cannot stress how much, the people of New York are a disgrace, no excuses, and they are just plain rude, arrogant wankers. 

This is my 5th trip here, and I have never noticed it quite like I have this time. I know, having worked in London for 8 years, that the big city attitude is different, and people do not have so much time, but in no way does that account for these people. 

The sights, and the city itself remain a wonder to me. The busy streets, the amazing buildings, the imposing height and size of the skyscrapers in worth any trip here. But…. Here’s one of the things that bug the shit out of me. (Please PLEASE do not make the mistake that I do not try to understand the enormity, the seriousness, the sensitivity of what happened to New Yorkers on the 11th Sept, I do, I promise you I do) The security to visit some of the attractions is so intense and over the top, it makes trying to appreciate the landmarks near impossible. To visit just two of these places (Empire State and Statue of Liberty) a day long event. You have to pass through two airport like securities to get anywhere…. What a joke… “Take off your scarf” … what the fuck for you idiot !!!!!! 

On the way into the city, a cab hit the rear of our cab. The two cab drivers were as close to blows as you can get, shouting the worst obscenities imaginable, I now know what a “Punk-ass Bitch” is … never mind the rest of the word mentioned .. great start ! 

We arrived at the hotel, 4 bags, freezing cold, and no help whatsoever to get us through a revolving door… ok, we can manage….. 

How rude can a security man be, not just the one (hey, we all have some bad eggs, or have a bad day) but every single one, not a please, thank you or any sign of courtesy. The police office barking orders to people, waitresses and waiters that leave you waiting for an hour, with no smile inside their sad miserable worlds. Not ONE person can manage the words “Thank you” when you hold a door for them. 

We went into the bar in the hotel, asked, “Do you have a menu please ?”… a straight “No” … oh … well FUCK YOU then ! 

We called into China town for a bite to eat, after a beer, and then after a few bits of the meal, Mrs M finds a bug in our meal !!!, so, obviously we send the food away… No ONE person comes over to apologize, so we start to put on our coats, the one of the waiters incredulously asks us to pay for our beer. You can go fuck yourself as well. He was starting to make a fuss, but when I indicated that I was very happy to discuss this in a loud voice about the BUG I have found in my food, he muttered something and wandered off !, this would NEVER happen in California. We all make mistakes, but you can at least say you are sorry…. Can’t you ??


And finally, we get to JFK airport, and normally the excellent JetBlue staff would be there to welcome us onto our flight, but no, once again, we get the rudest man ever to book our bags in …. I mean, if you work in a customer facing role, and yet you are a truely miserable ****, then I suggest the job is not for you, maybe the nazi party has a vacancy ! 

So my readers, I love NYC, it puts the hairs on my neck upright when I see things, but as for the people of New York, who seem to be proud of the reputation of being rude… you are a disgrace to your country. Visit NYC, nah, as your travel guide, I suggest you leave your visit here until you have experienced proper American people.






  1. Glad to hear you had a good time in Portland & interesting time in NYC! It was nice to finally meet Mrs. M too! She was a hoot!
    I have to say… I’m rather impressed with your ability to out f* bomb me!
    Sailor JB

  2. Hey Simon – tell me how you really feel! The Nazi Party? You may have just placed yourself on a “No Fly List”.

    Remember that New Yorkers are in love with their city and themselves – and being in love means never having to say you’re sorry. Welcome back to the West Coast.

    Predictions to follow by email.

  3. JB : Sometimes, just sometimes, people push me far enought to delve into some potty languague !!, The New Yorkans do it !!!

    Cortes : I don’t often lose my temper on my blog, but fuck em, if they cannot be polite, for 1 sec, to the people who contribute to their city, esp in hard times, they deserve nothing, it’s the first time I have met truely rude Americans

  4. Bloody hell, Moon, I’m gutted for you. A friend of mine here in Ireland went to NY and said the same thing – she thought maybe it’s just that we’re so friendly here that everyone else seems rude by comparison, but after your and Mrs M’s experience, I’m starting to wonder! xx

  5. EM : No, they are just plain rude. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed NYC, and recommend anyone to go, just don’t expect people to be normal like what we are…….. I have been a few times, and the place is still one of the greatest cities on earth, photos to follow, but the people are not an example of Americans, just rude..

  6. Whoowee, what an appropriate response to such an experience. I had a very similar one in 1979. Seems nothing has changed.

  7. Well Moon i’m sure Lucy and me will have a lovely time when we fly there next Thursday……….woops !!

  8. Did you eat at DiMillos, the floating restaurant in Portland? I went there with OH’s online gaming buddies on a trip to Maine and NYC a few years back and the food was really scrummy!

  9. What a shame! Rudeness is NEVER excusable, in my book and if a whole city is afflicted, it points to a lot of wrongs, somewhere down the line…

    Dunno whether it might be catching, though. Quite a few of the customer service folk I’ve met recently must have been to New Yawk recently.

    Service with a snarl anyone?

    Whatchu and Der New Missus doing for Crimbo, Moon?

  10. Katherine : Seems a little harsh, as we did love the city … it’s just the people …

    Ali : You will love it, well, Lucy will… good luck with the wallet, and be prepared for it to be very VERY busy. If you want to go to the Empire State building .. be prepared to queue loads !

    Taffy’s Mum : Yes we did… that is where we had our wonderful Maine Lobster !, it was great, and $20 for 2 lobster .. mmmmm

    Jen : Well, what galls me even more, was one miserable waiter, gave us our bill, and as I read, it ‘suggested’ a 20% tip .. so I wrote on the bill.. you get nothing for asking, and the tip represents the service, hence fuck all !

    Chrimbo will be just the two of us, and my plans will follow in a future blog, as Mrs M celebrates Christmas on the 24th, so we get two days of it !

  11. Such a shame Moon although I agree with Jennynib to some degree, service here could do with a politeness shakeup, especially given the cost of city meals and clubs. Clare loved New York. Another friend was dismayed when her partner asked someone for directions and they thought he was begging! I’d still like to ride round Central Park but the security is over the top. If you’re a terrorist, you’ll find a way! Here we’ve banned Duty Free alcohol in the cabin luggage. Now I ask you. . .no knives or sharp implements but they give you a stainless knife and fork to eat with! Ridiculous.

  12. G’day, I came here from Baino’s blog. Maybe all the kind people with good manners were in the background.

  13. David : Welcome, thanks for the visit.. well, I know you are right, and having lived over here for 16 months now, I am very aware that this is a rarity, people here, as individuals have been wonderful, and so so friendly, and the customer service second to no-one in the world

    Baino : I kinda agree, I also understand the feeling they have in NYC, so it is tough to critise, but at least be polite about it … maybe Southern CA has made me soft !

  14. I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience in NYC, Moon. I’ve seen that side of it and I do SO agree with you about the security issue. I think the problem is that the powers that be know that these measures are not really effective (I mean, how is creating a large, dense crowd at an attraction going to help? Seems more like an opportunity to me …) but they feel they have to be seen to do something. It’s lip service, plain and simple. I suspect the people who work security know that and it pisses them off, which is why they’re rude and surly.

    I’ve also seen the good side of NYC though, so I’ll probably go back at some point. It is what it is. You ain’t gonna change it. Personally, I think most visitors understand it’s .. uh .. a little different. 😉

  15. I have never had any desire to see New York and having read that – I think I’ll stay that way!!

  16. Hi – English Mum sent me in to have a read. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience. I was in NY 4 years ago and am returning for a week’s holiday starting Thursday.

    I love New York. The shows, the lights, the buildings. I’m not sure anything could taint it for me, but yes, the bad service can be a pain.

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