Posted by: Moon | December 9, 2008

Walking amongst giants….

Sequoia National Park


So, following on from my Blog about Death Valley, we continued our road trip north to the Park. We woke, found coffee, jumped into the Jeep, and started off, within 2 mins, the wonderful sight of early morning mist greeted us, filling the valley, and covering a beautiful lake. We had arrived that night in the dark, so we had no idea how the countryside had changed since leaving the valley, so this was exceptional. The sun was bright, the colours in the trees amazing, and armed with the camera, we were off shooting picture after picture. Eventually, we decided we had better start the road trip, set up the Sat Nav, and off we went. We argued endlessly with the stroppy bitch that is my sat nav, we were convinced she didn’t have a clue where to take us, but she clearly knew best, so we dutifully followed her every instruction. The drive was bliss, twisting and turning through a wonderful pine forest, not a single car to pass us for hours. We interrupted some true Cowboys, driving their cattle to the ranch, and then finally into the Park itself.


I have always had two dreams ….(well, two that relate to this trip, I am a bit of a dreamer you see, and I am determined to make some of these dreams come true) I love wildlife, recently we had Mrs M and my boss round the house for dinner, and they all commented on how most of our photos are of us cuddling, stroking, holding animals, not each other !), well, I have AWAYS wanted to see a true, wild Bear….. I didn’t really expect to find any here, but there was always a chance, and we were SO lucky, within half an hour of the drive, we pass a very excited family, leaning out of their open roof, staring, so we stop, and just off the road…. WOW, Mother Bear and Baby Bear heading about their business, playing yards in front of us… I could not have been happier….. They soon disappeared of, but left a smile of my face that would last … well, at least for 2 mins !. A very short drive later, Mrs M’s eagle eyes spot another Brown Bear minding his own business in the long grass …. WOW …… so that took care of one dream, but I had one more…..


I remember, when I was very young, learning to read, a ladybird book that was about these giant Sequoias, where cars could drive through them, or park on them. Well, again, within an hour I was stood amongst them… breathtaking. I was truly walking among the giants. Sherman is the most famous, over 2200 years old, but dotted in amongst some wonderful pines are these colossal trees. They are the kings of the forest, the biggest trees on earth, and we wandered amongst them, so tiny, so insignificant in their glory. We stood among 5 of these wonders, Mrs M whispered to them, “Hey fellas, you have seen so much, and will see so much more”….


Think about it for a second, these trees have been growing before Christ…. How incredible is that ….. we are so very small


We were supposed to drive home that night, but we had only touched the park, so we booked a lodge, had a long look at the wonderful stars above, and slept. Again, I woke Mrs M at 5am, and we headed off to Moro Rock, expecting a few like minded people to have made the climb to 7500ft to watch the sunrise, amazingly, we were alone, just The Moons watching our own, wonderful sunrise…. Perfect, just bloody Perfect !!!!


We continued the day in wonderment, seeing Stags, Deer and out first Coyotes… onto Kings Canyon, more scenic views, beautiful lakes, and great food !!!


It was time to go, Mrs M had a little sleep, I cam to the turning of either heading out of the park, and the quicker way home, or to drive through the park one more time, yes it would take an extra hour, but who cares….. We had one last parting gift, about 10 mins from leaving the park, we are saddened that this was the end of the trip, but we were thankful to have seen it, had the sun shine on us, the park to be empty for just us two, and we had seen THREE bears …. But wait, as if to say thank you, one final single bear crossed the road in front of us, went up the path, looked back as if to say, thanks for coming, drive safe, I have bear things to be doing.


What else will this amazing country give us ????????


  1. Sooooo jealous.

    A mama bear AND a baby bear! You’re just lucky, lucky, lucky. Amazing journey xx

  2. Another great experience. I do envy you some of the locations.

    If I can find a local mule (poor thing!), I might move about here and find some spots to take some shots. Don’t hold your breath though, I like your photos, and through them I can experience the great outdoors in the comfort of my home – with a pint.

  3. EM : I think this time we were very lucky xx

    Cortes : Indeed, the locations help all our shots, but we are loving California

    Stay turned for wha I think is my last blog post, pretty much going to call it a day now.

  4. Oh you lucky ducks, I’ve always wanted to see a sequoia. It boggles the mind to think about all the history on earth that has occurred during thier lifetimes, and they just keep on living.

    The bears sound so precious – what an experience.

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