Posted by: Moon | December 7, 2008

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage

So, here we are again on a Monday, and todays photos were taken from our travels over the long Thanksgiving week-end … you would have worked out (if you are clever like EM, or you look at my Facebook Account) that last Mondays pictures were from Death Valley. These come from the second and third days of the road trip. We covered over 1150 miles in our wonderful jeep …….



  1. Beautiful photographs Moon. Just thought I’d pop by to say hello.

  2. OH Moon . . that camera was a great investment but with scenery like that how can you go wrong! Bears! Almost beats the tiger . . .and the reflections in that water are stunning. See . . . Americans don’t need to venture overseas . . it’s all there in their own backyard!

  3. nice bear!!!!

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of miles to cover! These photos are freaking amazing!

    The bears! Yikes! But beautiful for sure.

    And the mountains, wow. The sunset it perfect.

  5. Hey moon, its your old mate eirebilly from 606.
    Brilliant foto’s. I cant believe that you got that close to bears.
    Take care my friend and god speed to you and your wife.


  6. Great wildlife shots, including the one in the hat. Keep up the good work, you really do have some wonderful destinations to show us.

  7. Sorry I’ve not been about guys, been on my travels again !!

    Cortes : Again, it’s the subjects, and the dude in the Slovakia cap is a hero !

    Billy : Welcome my interweb friend … everyone, this is Billy.. my 606 football friend…. the bears were amazing, a dream come true for me …

    Kate : Oh yes, all 4 that we saw were wonderful

    Drowsey & Baino : The camera was the best investment we made, to see these things and to have the wonderful photos … gotta love it ! and yes, I am changing my opinion why the Americans don’t travel, why would you ??

    Yukon : Hey honey xxx, long time no speak, hope you are well xxxx

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