Posted by: Moon | November 30, 2008

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage

Here we go, I am tooooooo tired to explain, so just enjoy !!!!

Off on more travels on Weds, but I will explain these before then !



  1. These photos are amazing! Even without explanation, lol.

    The one of the rear view mirror – very artsy 😉

    I’m jealous – it’s so cold here!

  2. I stole that idea from a good friend, Zoe, so no credit there !!!!

    It’s a guess where the photos come from, and I can assure you, the one where we are at the top view point …. it was ****ing freezing !!!!!!

  3. Pah. It’s minus 4 here. I have no sympathy. Mrs M has a t shirt on!!!

    Gorgeous shots, Moon. Where were they taken? Come on, I need to know. xx

  4. EM : Not just yet, it’s a guess where we are competition, so far you are losing …. be prepared, I have already 2 more Monday’s worth from our recent trip, and our trip to NYC on Weds !


    (no of course I haven’t been reading your facebook profile….ahem) 🙄

  6. Well Done sherlock … you win the prize !!!

  7. D’uh.. I’ve only just realised you can comment on each individual shot!

    Those are great – love the red rocks, which look like sand .. or is it sand? LOL!

    I’ve added comments to my two favourites.

  8. Jay : Spot on … that is exactly what they are, telegraph poles !!!!, the other one was Mrs M’s ….. really wonderful !

  9. Katherine : Oh oh! Image no 4122! I think I’m in love! Please may I paint you?………………….

    I am glad you like it … please feel free to do whatever you chose x

  10. Wow!….. just wow!!!!!!!!!

  11. What’s mah prize den?

  12. EM : Nothing for cheaters ….

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