Posted by: Moon | November 26, 2008

For I am Thankful ……..

So, We have Thanksgiving here in the USA, tomorrow in fact, and it’s the 2nd biggest holiday here, just second after Christmas. It’s a time were the locals celebrate being thankful for all things. The holiday’s historical meaning is a little lost on me, but I respect the occasion, and I am a firm believer that when you live in a foreign country, you become a resident, and you observe and celebrate as though you were a local.

So, what am I Thankful for from the last 12 months?, well, I will cheat a little bit, and look back over the last 14 months, and it has been an amazing, life changing time, and the most hectic, interesting, changing time of my life.


I am Thankful for the chance, and the courage of 14 months ago to leave a successful job in The City, and follow Mrs. M across to the USA. I am Thankful that we took the chance. It would have been very easy just to sit back, remain in a comfort zone, and continue life in England, in my flat, my job and to build a future with Mrs. M. I am very lucky to have been born / nurtured with a sense of adventure, and a believer that you only get once chance at life, and I never want to die wondering. So, we took the chance, and here we are, 14 months on, and life is good, and for that, I am very Thankful.

I am very Thankful for my family, my family back in England, who support me, love me, put me in my place when I need to be, and one thing my family has always done, they always make me laugh. I am not saying they are the funniest people in the world, but logically, we share a great sense of humour, and they always raise a smile. So, Thank you Golden balls, R  & Sir Chili Boy and of course my Ma x Of course, I have one more member of the family, and I am very Thankful to DBM and Mr. DBM, thank you for supporting me through 3 months of a testing time in Vancouver, and for always calling me. I am Thankful you are enjoying your travel, and you are safe.

I am very Thankful that I have been blessed with finding a great company to work for. The freshness, the ethics, the encouragement, the opportunity and of course, the wages. In this economic downturn, to have a job where you are busy, emerging as a success, and to be part of a friendly, well run company is amazing. My bosses are second to none in support, guidance and have a work ethic that can only be admired. I am indeed lucky to have them as colleagues and as mentors. I am lucky that my co-workers are friendly and really wonderful, good friends now, even though they take the piss when I say Bollocks !

I am Thankful that I have the drive and ambition to make the best out of the decisions I have made, to be able to have the energy to see this wonderful country, to experience the beach every day, to have San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite etc on my doorstep, and the desire to get out into the world and to see and photograph them.

I am Thankful that I have renewed a great, previously great friendship with my cousin EM, we were so close once, and because of life, we drifted apart, but now, because of blogging, Face book and modern technology, we are back in each other lives, and I love that. I am Thankful that Mad Uncle A is turning a corner, and is becoming happy again.

I am Thankful that Spurs have employed a decent manager, and we are not suffering at the bottom of the premiership.

I am Thankful to have some of the most amazing friends. We all have these people in our lives, so take a second to think how lucky you are to have friends like that. My new friends in this virtual world, I never would have thought I would be in this medium, and I am Thankful that I am.  I am Thankful for one new friend I have acquired through the last 12 months, thank you Cortes for sharing my love of Football, giving me someone to talk to about it, to share your great humour, camera work and mutual love of beer !

I am Thankful to have been accepted and loved in my new family in Slovakia. It can be so difficult when two different people from different cultures meet and fall in love, esp when there is a language barrier but they have welcomed me like a son, shown me so much love, respect and fed me until I burst… I am Thankful for that. 

Finally, I am Thankful for the most important person in my life. My Wife, my best friend, my true soulmate. I am Thankful that she puts up with my moods, shares the same sense of adventure, and embraces our new life and culture change. That she is open minded, and wants to travel, live this life. I am Thankful she is driven with her career, cares deeply about it, and will be a success at what she does. I am Thankful that she can cook (wow, can she cook), and she never seems to tire, become down and low, and is always there, by my side, and a wonderful example, guide, partner in my life xxx


So, I have many things to be Thankful for, What about you ?




  1. And me? I’m thankful that you’re happy, and you have the good grace to be grateful for it xx

  2. Oh and happy thanksgiving yourself. Whatever it is.

  3. Thank you my husband… I love you xxxx

  4. And I too shall be celebrating Thanks Giving in the USA, as I touch down in Boston Thursday evening! I shall be extremely grateful if I arrive safely and with my suitcase!

  5. Amanda – Oooh, Boston, I am there next week, then New York… i think it is a little chilly right now !, safe flights and enjoy !

    EM : I am very thankful to be happy, I have had some down times, so now I make sure I recognise the highs !

    Mrs M : Thank you, and here’s to a very exciting Week-end away ! Love you too x

  6. Bit of a down time for me at the moment with leaky rooves and an overwhelming garden and rising debt (I’m asset rich and liquidity poor) but being a cup half full person most of the time. I’m thankful for my children who are also my best friends. My family, my friends, my health and the courage that my parent had to move 12,000 miles away to a new country where we’ve all had opportunities that we would not have had otherwise. Have a great thanksgiving celebration! *run turkey’s run!*

  7. Oh I forgot to thank my god, I mean my dog!

  8. Baino : I say that about my Mum too, she is my Mum, but she is also a great friend too, a wonderful trait… and yes, you must always thank your God …. DOG !!!!!! x Asset rich, Liquidity poor, well, at least you are in a better position than GM and Ford !

  9. Aw I love Baino. And here’s to having ‘glass half full’ people in our lives too! There’s something to be thankful for.

  10. We must never underestimate the things we have for which we should be eternally grateful, good friends, good football and good beer (well, any beer will do, almost!). What did I miss? I always miss something..

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!

  12. Jesus Moon, that was beautiful and really brought a lump to my throat. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs M.


    I’m thankful for receiving a phone call yesterday totally out of the blue to say that we’re moving onto the next stage of the adoption process 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Kate : and to you, HAPPY THANKSGIVING

    Cortes : Beer… good point, I had better open one pretty soon… gotta have beer for Football, andthe American version !

    Jen : Thats great news, funny how news from a person you have never met makes you smile, and a proper smile, I am delighted for you, fingers crossed xx

  14. So much for you to be thankful for, Moon! You do have a great family, the ones I know, anyway! And Mrs M is a SAINT! LOL!

    I’m thankful for my OH, and for my kids (both fine young men, thank heavens), for my dogs, and for the fact that my brother and my SIL (different families) take good care of my Mum, who lives so far from here that I can’t help much at all.

  15. You are a very lucky man 🙂 And a brave one to make such a move.

    I’m thankful for my family as well. Altho Canadian’s celebrated our Thanksgiving last month…it’s still good to be thankful.

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