Posted by: Moon | November 23, 2008

Moon and Mrs M’s Monday Montage

Well, we have a beach theme again this week, well, we do live 5 mins away, but this week we visited a new beach and it shows it is not always sunshiiiiiine here in California.


The pictures come from Laguna Beach, about 30 mins South of us, and the World Famous Malibu Beach, but a lonely, deserted stretch of sand.



  1. Oops, I seem to have commented on the actual photo rather than the post. Sorry! What I said was:

    These are fab. Oh for a sunny walk on a beach. I love the big blue doors with the amazing tree. I’d like a big huge print of it hanging in my kitchen. Where do they lead?

  2. Wonderful shots. You may have more beaches than we do, and the weather seems a bit better. I like your Monday Montage!

  3. EM ; It wasn’t that sunny yesterday, but still, a walk on the beach is always so relaxing. The picture you like Mrs M took, and it was just an entrance to a house up there. Bearing in mind this is Mailbu, I would think it was a fuck off big house… Jen Anniston’s perhaps ?

    Cortes : We do have some good subjects, we are not sure where to go for Thanks giving, I am thinking the mountains…

  4. Few too many ‘i’s in sunshine, there, Moon. Just sayin’ …


    By the way, those are the fattest starfish I’ve ever seen!

  5. Moon: Ah, been stalking Ms Aniston again? I’ve told you about that before.

    Jay: They won’t be fat for long if they’re living where Moon does – they’re probably on on low-carb, non-fat, non-sugar diets like Moon, or otherwise they make themselves sick after they’ve eaten. Hee hee 🙂

  6. Jay : ha ha ha … I get it … it was done in an Oasis styleeeee…..

    EM : Well, Jen is single again now, I just need to convince Mrs M it’s a great idea …. as for the fat starfish, indeed, they need some healthy hints, but you will be pleased, I did managed to eat two tubs of Ice Cream over the week-end !

  7. Top shots. Frankly dull days provide better light and clarity. Great subjects there Mr Moon but you really should get a dog and stop hijacking other people’s

  8. Baino : Indeed, I think people are getting wary of me now …… we are heading inland for next Mondays selection !

  9. Two tubs of ice cream!!!! Is that even allowed in California?

    The Calorie Police will get ya!


  10. It was nice though Jay, One strawberry, the other mint choc chip ….. I get addicted to it and chocolate, thats why I can’t have it in the house !

  11. Two tubs eh? That’s the spirit, Moon, I’m proud of you. x

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