Posted by: Moon | November 21, 2008

Bad Back ?, $2000 please ….

What a complete load of bollocks !


So, I have a hip and back problem. Involved major surgery on my hip about two years ago, but I still have issues with my back. Not massive problems, I can still do most things, but I have a dull ache in my lower back most days, and the occasional shooting pain when I do something wrong …


Yes, yes, I know, saucer of milk for the pussy !


So here is my issue, I have health insurance, after all, if you don’t have it here in the good old US of A, you may as well accept that fact that you will not be taken care of, so, I have health insurance, all dandy you might say… errr no. I have to pay the first $500 of any treatment. Chiropractors are not cover under the scheme 100%, so I have to pay most of it. So for me to get my back looked at, and a schedule of treatments to correct the issue is going to cost me nearly $2000 !!


How warped is that ?. I know most of my readers will moan about the National Health System in the UK… well don’t… EVER. Anyone, and I mean anyone, visitors to my country can use our Accident and Emergency.. Break a leg, have a car accident .. you are rushed in, looked after, sent on your way …. Here, I have to pay… even with insurance ….


So, I cannot afford $2000. I pay more tax here in California then anywhere else I have lived, and I still have to pay more and more. My wages are less than the UK, and now I find that it is split more in favour of the Californian state taxes, and private insurances I have to have … I am a damn sight worse off living here that I was in Hertfordshire……

So me and my back will continue to suffer. It’s not the end of the world, I can still swim, gym, roller blade etc… I am not in agony, but it is bloody annoying when I can’t sit comfortably on the sofa watching a dvd at night …..



  1. So what is your point?

  2. The point being, living here, unless I have a spare $2000 I don’t get treated …. seems like a third world, uncaring situation. Now, I am not overly mad with that, I’m not dying, it’s a bad back, but I do worry for people with serious problems, that cannot afford healthcare. Also, why pay an insurance, with such high deductibles, and co-payments, that it still costs you a huge amount of money. If I pay more tax here, why do I get less benefits ?…. It’s the American way, that is different from home.

  3. With you there, fella. It’s not ’til you move away from the UK that you realise how good the health service is there. I dread the Death Wish Child chopping some bit of himself off… visit to A&E? That’ll be a hundred euro thanks very much.

  4. THIRD WORLD!!??

    You have a choice Simon. Many, and particularly those in the third world that you cite have far far less choice, if ANY choice at all than you. My suggestion is that if you have issue with this and the accessibility that you have to treatment/ healthcare in the US (or elsewhere should you as an affluent person choose) is that you raise your issues with the authorities that can make a difference, and THEN post the outcomes on here for all to learn from rather than complain about the ‘difficulties’ you have experienced through making your own choices that affluence has enabled you to make.

    Hard to be objective here but could I suggest tha tif you have an issue with the system your time may be better spent by challenging the authorities and informing all who read your blog of the outcome rather than relating your experiences subjectively.

    That’s if you want to change things for others. Forgive me if I have misread your objective here

  5. EM : Indeed, !

    Jane : It was not meant to be changing the world, just a ‘rambling thought’ that unless you have the money, you don’t get treated. I do have a choice, leave the USA and go back home, but for the sake of a $2000 health bill, that would be extreme. the point was that with all this money in the USA society, you still have to pay for, what I consider, is basic healthcare. If you don’t have the money you don’t get treated. As far as challenging the authorities, I will leave that to more influencial people, such as Mrs Clinton… and it didn’t get her far did it.

  6. Simon,

    If you leave the infuence to Mrs Clinton et al then you have limited or no expectations and as such no right to complain.

    Public voice Simon has the influence and you have an opportunity to impact on that. I would really like to think that I am wrong in thinking that you would rather spend your valuable time complaining about what you see as an issue personal to you, rather than putting it to good use and recording and challenging it to benefit others in your sitiuation?

    Forgive me if I have mis-understood the opportunities that a blog offers – the guise of ‘rambling thoughts’ does not exclude a responsiblity for the model you may set for others. If you want to make your thoughts public -which I presume is a choice you have made – then I expect that you would seriously consider the impact your ‘rambling thoughts’ may have on the public that can access them.

    If that is not what you intend, then perhaps you should re- consider whether a blog is the appropriate forum for your thinking.

  7. Isn’t Obama going to do something about the US health system? I agree, it’s ludicrous that you have ‘cover’ but it doesn’t cover preripheral services. Same here XRay, Physio, chiropractic etc are not fully funded by the health funds (although they’ll cover your sports shoes), neither is Dentistry but that’s the fault of the greedy practitioners I’m afraid. They charge more than the regulated price or that which health funds are prepared to cover so we have to pay the ‘gap’. Maybe you should try one of those ‘massage pads’ that fit to your chair.

  8. Invest in an iGallop, my man! It’s done wonders for my lower back pain! I asked the chiro if she thought it a good idea and she said it would probably help IF I used it every day, and she is right. It does help enormously, but if I go more than three days without using it, I feel the difference. I have spent a lot less at the chiro since getting it back in February though!

    I disagree with Jane, by the way, I don’t think there’s any responsibility in the blogging world to only complain if you’re prepared to do something about it. A blog is a blog, it doesn’t have to be a platform unless you want it to be.

    I do agree that the system in the US seems a little unfair. If you have health insurance and still can’t afford treatment, something is wrong somewhere. Or is there another level of healthcare you can buy if you can afford it, where the excess is less? But then .. who could afford the premiums? It seems like the pet insurance situation here, where you pay a sizeable premium, but then you’re often asked to pay 50% of the cost of treatment – so sometimes it’s not worth claiming, and there are indeed people who can’t afford the treatment even with insurance.

  9. Baino : Yes, that is his idea, but i am not sure it will work, because the taxes will have to go up in order to cover it, and the welathy do not want to fund the poor ….

    Jay : ok, you have my attention… i have a trapped nerve in my lower back … what is an iGallop ??????

    as for my blog, well it’s just my thoughts, I have no desire to try to effect the world largest power when I do not even get a vote here…. I am not a citizen, if I don’t like the system that much, I should return to my homeland where I do have rights

  10. Simon, I have tried. Believe me, I have tried. I even sat in my chair and quietly sipped a couple of pints of ESB. Sorry, did not work. I need to comment ……..

    I envy the technological advances and the level of healthcare available in the United States. It is one of the most expensive systems in the world (per capita), and one of the best – if you can afford it. And that is where I have a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a soft socialist, I am not a bleeding heart, and in fact I am more than likely to be classified as a right wing hard-hearted son of a bitch, but I am a firm believer that everyone in a civilized society deserves basic healthcare. If a society does not protect its’ most vulnerable, then it is morally bankrupt. No room for arguement here, I am unanimous in my opinion!

    So, what is basic healthcare? Simple, if it hurts, it should be fixed, and it should be covered. No room for discussion, no debate, just fix it. You should be covered. Here, you would be (not that we want your to come back :).

    As to voicing your complaint publicly to affect change, that is absolute nonsense. Buy a box and go to the local park, preach and remonstrate with all passersby, and you will accomplish dick shit. It makes absolutely no difference. It will result in no change. It is a waste of time.

    As for your blog, say whatever you want, about anything you want, in full knowledge that you have no responsibility to justify your position or your thoughts. On your blog, your are King. You do not have to support or justify anything.

    Wow! I feel better. Time for another pint.

    By the way, I will shortly be emailing you my EPL predictions.

  11. Do you allow HTML in your comments?

    I’ll try. My post about the iGallop

    It’s an exercise machine which is supposed to resemble horse-riding. Well .. it does, a bit. It has three speeds plus a random setting, and you just sit on it and it wobbles you in three different directions. I find it very good at relaxing the lower back, and spasm in the lower back is where most of our back troubles come from, it seems.

    If you actually have some damage leading to a pinched nerve, you’ll need to clear it with your doc before using. I don’t have a disc problem or anything, for me it’s just ligaments and muscles.

    In case you can’t see the HTML link, go to my blog and then to the posts for April this year. It’s in there somewhere! 🙂

  12. Jay : are you sure that is not a sex toy ????

  13. Well, it’s fun, anyway! LOL!

  14. Settle down you kids!!

    Ah Cortes… as usual the voice of reason. I second every sensible word.

    ‘responsiblity for the model you may set for others’ my arse. This blog is your blog, Moon. It’s a wonderful, clever, funny, interesting insight into your life. It’s not a political platform, nor a place for serious debate. It’s a fun place where we all come to be a little part of your life.

    And jesus, if you can’t say on your own blog that a $500 excess on your life insurance is ridiculous then when can you?!

    I love blogging – it’s a great way to connect with people, and really makes you feel that you have a likeminded ‘gang’ with whom you can share stuff. I welcome any comments on my blog, but it pisses me right off when people come and ruin it. I’m not sure if you know each other but presumably Jane wouldn’t walk into your house and be so rude?

    I have one rule for my blog: it’s MY blog. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. End of. Grrrr.

  15. EM & Cortes : Yes, I do agree, this is my place, and I say what comes and goes, and how I want to use my platform, my words, my rambling thoughts. I will never sensor or remove anyone’s comments unless they are abusive or offensive to others. We have our opinions, and I am happy for people to voice them here, or indeed, as I felt , on their own blog.

    and EM, I do agree with you, this is meant for fun, for my fellow bloggers, some who I know, many who I have ‘met’ in this world, to have fun, poke fun at me, share my life so far from friends, and to share my love of travelling, photos, and a different look on the world. I have a vast experince on travelling, seen many wonderful, strange world, that I feel I have an opinion on, esp having lived in these different social environments….. my opinions will not agree with everyone.

    I think it is disgusting for a country with such wealth (and I might not be talking about the USA here, Nepal is another example of many countries) where the wealthy do not care about the poor.

    It cannot be right (and I do not mean me here, I am not poor), that people have pain, and they cannot afford to be treated. That to get life saving treatment can bankrupt you …. All should contribute something, into a large pot, and therefore, people have a ‘pot’ to help heal ….

    Idealistic … maybe, but seems fair to me ….

  16. Oh my word! I’m sorry about your back – I have a lower back problem too – mught have to try a galloping sex toy to go with the large ibuprofen on bad days. I’m sorry about the lecture too – some people still think one person can change the world – it’s not true! Its a waste of effort. breath and time – your weblog is exactly that – yours! Enjoy it!!!

  17. ‘Galloping sex toy’ 🙂

    Hear, hear, Kate. Well said xx

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