Posted by: Moon | November 16, 2008

Moon and Mrs M’s Mondays Montage

Wel, being honest, this Monday is all Mrs M’s.

We stole a dog this time for our visit to the Doggie Beach, apologies for Max to be in every photo except one, but it was his day, and he loved every second of it. Max is our neighbour’s 10 yr old retriever. He is a wonderful hound, loving, friendly, always manages to stand on your feet, loves to swim, and generally be a soppy old thing !

So this was how we spent our Sunday, walking, talking and throwing the ball non stop for the big dog.



  1. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s installment of the Monday Montage. I wonder what the theme will be???

  2. Definitely hit the soft spot this week, I’m a labrador, retriever, newfie fan through and through. Great shots, expecially running out of the water . . these guys will do anything for a ball and a biscuit! I wish I could take Lily to the beach, she’d love it to bits!

  3. Great pictures Simon! I love the photo of the dog on his back with his legs in the air – so cute!

  4. Looks like Max had a wonderfully wet and splashy time! I’ve only had one dog who liked running into the sea, our first greyhound who looved chasing the seagulls. They’d lead him along the beach then get fed up and fly out to sea – and he’d follow without really noticing and he’d get slower and slower till he was armpit deep and he’d stop and huff at them, then return to shore to find another one to chase.

    I love seeing dogs have fun at the beach!

    But … he seems to have turned black in one of the photos! Did he find an oil slick?

  5. Robyn : Welcome, I am glad you are enjoying, thanks for visiting, and putting up with Mrs M on your course on saturday… I am determined to show so things that are not doggie, and not beach related !

    Amanda : Thanks, it helps having some very easy subjects, and these were Mrs M’s not mine this time, I was too busy throwing salvia covered balls into the sea !

    Jay : I love watching all the different dogs, some that could swim The Channel, others that just sit and watch … and they do love to chase the gulls !, the Newfoundland was HUGE, and he didn’t like the water, which is kinda bizarre when you think of their webbed toes !

    Baino : Well, as you know, we just go there normally to watch them, so this was great to have our ‘own’ dog !!!

  6. Good shots – great subjects. Miss my seagull though.

  7. I just love the ones of Max running through the surf…very Baywatch!!

    He’s a beaut isn’t he.

  8. Nice photos – if you are ever over here and need to borrow a dog to take to the beach – I have a greyhound that would never say no AND she is very photogenic!!!!

  9. I love Max, he’s just adorable! What a gorgeous face. I know I love Bert and everything, but I do sometimes hanker after a big fat cuddly doggy to hug – he’s a bit boney!! x

  10. And I’ll second Kate’s offer – if you ever need a doggyto walk, I have one spare – if a little unenthusiastic!

  11. I am surprised no-one has commented on the last photo…. she looks like a devil dog !!

    EM : He is VERY cuddly, I think I would chose a retriever, they always look like they are smiling !

    Kate & EM : Anythine, free walks, and a portfolio of pictures to boot !

    Jen (BNOF) : Slightly better than the obe where he looks like he has been shot !!!, he’s a lovely old doul, I bathed him afetrwards, just stood there enjoying the shower !

    Cortes : He’ll be back I promise !

  12. Ha ha ha, aw that’s mean Moon, she doesn’t look like a devil dog!!!

    She’s just, erm, um, spirited that’s all!

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