Posted by: Moon | November 13, 2008

I am an Angry Old Git !!

I am discovering that I am becoming Grumpy, but I think for a very good reason…. 

I shout at the TV !, I caught myself doing this twice last night, and once this morning.. Mrs. M even cam running from the bathroom to check I was ok after this morning outburst….. 

But seriously, I think, this morning, I was justified …

On the lead news program for LA, the top story at 7am was this … Do you know how many germs there are on your shopping trolley !.. SHOCK HORROR !!!!!!

Apparently, LA Today sent reporters to CA, Iowa, Georgia and New York to swab and test shopping trolleys, and surprise surprise; they found that they are covered in germs. When you put your ickle baby, or precious vegetables into the cart, they are coming into contact with those nasty killer germs. They found strains of Ebola, Feces and other unknowns.

How much did they pay for this survey ?

Is that all there is to report on for the morning news ?

Why oh why do they even bother ??

Over 1 MILLION germs can be found ?, are you safe ?… for fucks sake … !!!! I guarantee, after watching this non-news, millions of uneducated people will be wiping down with ultra strength chemicals trying to sanitize their supermarket trolley, good grief !

So, 1 million germs, is this a lot ?, well, to me it certainly seems a lot.. but … compared to.. Say, a 1$ bill, a handle of a door, a computer keyboard, your bed clothes, a towel, inside your refrigerator … do you kinda see where I am getting to here. It is pure sensational bollocks to catch a cheap headline.

Welcome to world we all live in, and funnily enough, we have lived in for a fair few years. I have been sat in one of these dangerous supermarket trolleys (not for a few years I might add!), I have also, very recently, pushed one of these time bombs around Henry’s… god, I was so lucky to survive, I haven’t even written a will, what the hell was I thinking of taking such a chance, stupid, reckless boy !

I am a firm believer that the world is full of germs, and the body needs these germs to build up a natural resistance to life. I learnt this from my Ma, she would cut off moldy cheese, and feed us the rest, it is part of life !

Why do these ‘news’ show decide to sensationalize such a worthless piece of rubbish, causing such a furor, with no comparisons, or sense ?, I would imagine the threat of millions of job losses, a crumbling economy, a new president, or even poor old rover getting left behind on holiday, and making his way across the grand canyon home, would make better news ?


Also, the solution to these ‘horror’ trolleys… do not put vegetables direct into the trolley, use plastic bags ….. AAAGGGHHHH !!!!, you may or may not know, I am a true hater of plastic bags, and I never use them. They are pointless things they damage the world, and should never be used. Splash out the $2, buy a cloth bag, and take it with you. Don’t let the bag person put 1 item per bag, and double bag your milk … just pack it yourself, and stop using them !!


(apologies for putting ‘z’ where ‘s’ should be, it’s an American spell checker!)



  1. Right on! North American news is so introspective that they run out of things to report on. Little or no coverage of world events, certainly no insightful commentaries. So to fill the time slot, they run around creating stories that pander to the lowest common denominator, the average TV viewer.

    I rarely watch TV news at all any more. I get tired of all the pretty (male and female) announcers and reporters, with their quaffed hair and their perfect rows of perfect teeth, always smiling at me, regardless of how depressing their stories are.

    Sorry for venting.

    By the way, given any thought to how many germs are present in your cloth shopping bag? I bet one of the networks would come by to do a story if you called them.

  2. Without germs we couldn’t survive. For a start, our digestion system would fail. They don’t mention that because it’s not newsworthy.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of grumpiness. It’s fun when you get the hang of it.

  3. Cortes – Indeed, buit the wetaher girl does have a great ‘set’ !!!!, it is all rubbish, and I always find myself drifting back to the BBC …

    Grandad – I think I have been there a while Grandad, but certain things force me to write about them, or shout at the TV !!, Mrs M is worried !

  4. It’s true that we need to come into contact with germs in order to build up a resistance to them, for sure, but two of my pet hates are 1) seeing people stand their toddlers in the food part of the trolley with their outside shoes on, having stepped in heaven knows what on the way in and worse, 2) seeing them sit their baby wearing a nappy (diaper) in there.

    People, get a grip. Would you put your toddler’s outdoor shoes on the kitchen counter, or sit your baby’s dirty bum on the chopping board?

    Second thoughts … maybe they would!


  5. Meh. I think my kids are probably completely immune to germs. They never seem to be ill or sick – probably because they run the gamut of my less than spotless house!!

    Funny, though – friends of mine whose houses are immaculate and bleached to death (I hate the smell – it’s for toilets, full stop) always seem to have some stomach upset or infection or other.

    That’s my excuse, anyway.

    And stop fucking moaning. You’re as bad as Hubby.

  6. There is NO excuse for US spelling. And it’s spelt ‘through’ Goddamnit!!

    A nice chef pal o’ mine (no names, no scandal) swore me off eating those yummy little minty thingys in the bowl beside the till in some restaurants. “Oooh! Why not? I love those!” I protested.

    “Because,” he sagely informed me “Lots of chaps leave the credit card with the Missus and pop to the loo while she leaves exorbitant tip / spends yonks over a tiny coffee / does lipstick with butter knife for mirror. They NEVER EVER wash their hands. The last thing they do before leaving the restaurant is have a good old rummage in the minty thingy jar.”

    All together now…

    Bleeuuugh!! :-O

  7. Moon you know you are right but… that still doesn’t excuss you to be grumpy. Thank you EM I agree with you.

  8. Good on you Moon – you tell ’em ! You’re completely right. Germs are everywhere, and I don’t like the way the media tries to manipulate us, by presenting facts in a scary manner.

  9. Totally with you Moon. Similar research has been done here. I actually get a wry smile when I order my sandwich and the sandwich lady has a rubber glove on to prepare the food then takes filthy $2 coins off me with the same hand! Whats the point of that! I use ‘green’ bags too and am constantly asked if I’d like my pre-wrapped meat to be put into a plastic bag. NO . .that’s why I bring green bags and the chook’s going to sit on the same shelf as the broccoli in the fridge! Rant on my man, no problems with me if you go off your trolley!

  10. Moon,
    I often enjoy your ‘rambling thoughts’ but no-one, I repeat no-one, is buying that you use spell checker.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Did you know that 10% of our body mass is made up of bacteria and that we have more bacterial cells in and on our bodies than we have human cells? Can’t live without them!
    I seem to recall eating dirt as a child…….never did me any harm, did it?

  12. mmmmm Grumpy…. at your age? My Goodness if it starts now by the time you are old nobody will be listening to you and you will need several weblogs to vent your frustration!!!!

  13. Being grumpy rocks.

    As for the surveys, I was paid a lot of money about six months ago to survey 100 convenience store managers about how they felt about whatever.

    100 convenience stores, 100 managers. I knew no one would speak to me so I made the whole survey up. Every last one.

    2 weeks later the survey results get published and broadcast on the evening news.

    All made up.

    Don’t believe the surveys.

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