Posted by: Moon | November 11, 2008

Extreme Makeover ……

I’m a terrible cynic, I am an emotion softie, but I do not buy all this makeover programs. I’m sorry, but I just don’t. For me they are all about the ‘star’ of the show, self promotion, and that’s the end of it.

I also do not buy the American stereotype of whooping, high fives, yelling ‘Yeah’ at every opportunity… makes me cringe, and think that it is all false.

Ty Peddington host one of these shows here on the ABC network… Extreme Makeovers. They visit a needy family, send them away for a weeks holiday, demolish the house to the ground, and re-build the family a wonderful new home.

Every week I watch and every week I am moved to tears. For some reason, Ty, gets it perfectly right. With his empathy, his natural enthusiasm, and his understanding. Yes, of course he can afford to be, the TV channel is paying for it all, but I believe that it is more than that. The families are not just families that have had a hard time, as the title of the show suggests, it is EXTREME cases of hardship, and special people that have devoted their lives to either help their own children, but also, in the community.


So, I ignore the cynicism in me, and I love the way it is done, and the benefits that these families, and people that have it a damn site harder than you and me. It does make great TV, and of course that is why they are doing it, but along the way, they are helping people have a standard of living we all deserve. So what if it is done for TV, for viewing figures, I don’t care. Does Ty do it for his career and pay packet… I don’t know. I guess we would all love to be the one to build and change people’s lives… I do… and he is the lucky one to be able to do it with corporate TV money… but again, I don’t care…. I will ignore all of that, and I will watch it with the emotion these people have. The hairs stand up on end when I see the results, and the sheer joy, tears and happiness that this program gives.

So for once, good for Ty, good for ABC, and good for me and anyone else that pays for it all… only good things come from this.



  1. Hi Moon, Nice to see you back and all dickie’d up as it were, I had lost your details when me system went down and had to redo my list of bloggers .. so it was lovely to see your comment.. I too love dogs – and I really miss not having one now… My husband and I are sooo ancient now that it would be unfair of us to saddle a wee dog with our sad lives …. us being sooo old and infirm etc etc.. Do ya feel sorry for us ? No I thought not… Seriously though, I would love another pooch but my bad-tempered git of an OOOOOLD man hates attention to be taken from himself hehehe… Anyhoo, need to stop as it’s now bedtime… I have my 8th grandchild tomorrow from Nursery and the house will be total chaos tomorrow.. Cheers from the land of the Heather Kate x.

  2. I agree with your opinion of the “reality TV shows” we are subjected to (actually, I am not, as I avoid them like the plague). Won’t watch them. Ugh!

    Wait a minute, I love Chef Ramsey! Maybe it’s his intensity. Maybe it’s his language (if you watch the English or Canadian version, not the US one, as the language is a bit too “reality” for the US audience).

    I like “Little Britain” – is that reality?

  3. We don’t have anything ‘quite’ as well intentioned as that but we a couple of home and garden renovation shows. The ‘victims’ usually have a sob story of some kind. I went right off them for two reasons.

    I approached them to help with a garden tidy up for my friend when her husband was dying with a brain tumor. Her garden just became too much and I didn’t even get an answer so we did the makeover ourselves between about 12 friends

    The other was the program giving theimpression that their on camera tradies do all the work. They don’t! In fact, the ‘to camera’ pieces are exactly that. The real work is done by hired tradesmen like my son who recently did a renovation on the Central coast but will never be shown on the TV show despite his handsome face and great guns.

    It is nice that the recipients get a decent makeover but it’s usually a bit shoddy, rushed over a 3 day period and not made to last. It would be interesting to revisit in a couple of years time and see how the renovation has stood the test of time.

  4. Dogs and makeovers move me too, Moon! In fact, have just posted about my dear little thing… when talking to bigdog people I sometimes feel vaguely apologetic, but I did have an Airedale last time!

  5. Well, it’s nice to know that someone gets it right! I’ve never seen one that does … oh, wait, yes I have – ‘How To Look Good Naked’. Gok Wan is incredible. He is empathetic, never makes his girls feel bad, in fact his whole show is devoted to making them feel good about themselves.

    Anyway, good for Ty! Other makeover shows could learn something from these two. I’ve seen too many which make me cringe and move the victims to tears, for all the wrong reasons.

  6. Kate ; Well, i am glad you are back with me … you have been missed…. just tell the ‘old git’ that you are getting one dog for each grandchild .. that will cheer him up !

    Cortes : I don’t watch any, they are bollocks, cheap TV, that achieve nothing !, I do watch Ramsey, as I think he is a good chef, and he entertains me !

    Baino : That is exactly where my cynic side of me comes from, they are all fake… !.. and I mat well be wrong that this one is as well… I think it may well be, but for some reason, this one gets me… we watched one last night, and yes, tears always form .. I don’t understand why ?

    Katherine : Ah, small dogs … I would say not my cup of tea, but you will still find me fussing over them as much as the big ones !!, I accept and dote on all !!, I am a dog whore !

    Jay : I am still not syre why this one effects me Jay, I normally scorn at these things as the self promoting bollocks, but some how Ty really does go against all my hatred of these programs ….. weird ?!?!?!?, me, not Ty .. !

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