Posted by: Moon | November 9, 2008

Moon’s and Mrs M’s Monday Montage

I thought I would make this a regular Monday thing, a few photos that either me or Mrs M have taken, either recently, or from our Archives …

All thumbnails, hopefully they will load quicker than the normal way I post these, just click on them to see them properly !!!


This was taken by Mrs M on our local doggie beach, just before the sun started to set.

img_3039 img_3041

These again were Mrs’s… using the new Macro lens and our Canon D50

img_3058img_3154  img_3173  img_3136

As you all know, our love of dogs will always be part of our photography……. telephoto lens 200-500mm


img_2875  img_2878 img_2931 img_2959img_2951 img_2976


These are my attempts at using the Macro lens…….


Enjoy, more again next Monday !


  1. Wonderful photos, as usual. Will inspect more closely later, am in the middle of True Grit with John Wayne – what a great movie!

  2. Cool, just enjoying using the new camera and lenes, and realising the results you can get…. do the thumbnails open ok ??

  3. Monday Montage…ah, I love it. Nearly up there with Baino’s ‘Friday Fuckwit’ methinks!

    I’m totally in love with that labrador – what a ridiculously silly grin! xx

  4. Oooh! I like the shells, and the hairy spider!!

  5. The thumbnails work fine, but these pictures are BIG files. Good shots though. I don’t know what I like better – your dogs or DBM’s bugs? Keep it up.

  6. EM – She was wonderful, slightly over-awed by the big dogs, but she loved it down there, so sweet and friendly !

    Jay : The shell was Mrs M’s idea, she does more ‘arty’ stuff than me, the spider was sitting on our shed in the back yard

    Cortes – Yes, I don’t know how else to paste them, and I am concerned it takes too long for people to open them and look at them, I will have to think of away to make them a little smaller ! Dogs are better than silly Bugs !

  7. Love a doggy shot myself! Great idea!

  8. Baino : I am sure that is rude …..

  9. Oh, I love the beach photos! 🙂

  10. Thanks Drowsey, funny how everyone seems to like different ones !

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