Posted by: Moon | November 6, 2008

Lost – And she won our heart !

Its 6.30am, I awake and slide out of bed after a restless night’s sleep. I am not a great sleeper, I go to sleep very easily, and tend to sleep very lightly, anything can wake me up, the two ladies that power walk past most mornings chattering, Mrs.  M stealing the covers, the squeaky bed when she turns in the night, and a dog growling and barking ….. And this is the reason why I didn’t sleep too well. So, I do my normal morning routine, hot lemon, water, check facebook, blogs, emails etc. I would normally take Mrs. M’s hot lemon through to her about an hour later. Well, this morning, Mrs. M stirs, looks out of the window and says

“We have a dog!”

Oh, and she is right, outside, on the front lawn is the guilty dog from last night’s yapping and growling. I put on some tracksuit bottoms and a shirt, and slowly go out to see what the hound is up to. I am pretty experienced around dogs, know the dos and don’ts, never ever been bitten, and most dogs take a liking to me.. But, with a stray, never be too careful. So as I open the front door, she bounds up to me in glee, roils at my feet begging to be loved !!!! Bless her.


Turns out she seems to be either abandoned, or simply lost. She was starving, and, unfortunatly for her, the only night of the year we get rain, and she’s out in it ! She was adorable…. She was a little scared, but well fed, behaved herself, dumped on my lawn, and was very hungry, I even gave my last breakfast milk so she got be fed and watered !, I really should go to heaven.

Well, she had no collar, nobody was looking for her, and she had settled on my knee quite happily. She was well fed, her claws were clipped, and in great condition, she was no stray, street dog. So we did all we could, we called the local shelter, they came and collected her, but she really did not want to leave. The man was very nice, careful and soft with her, but the way she tried to get out of the van, cried when we left her… broke our hearts. I am such a softie, we rang the center twice on the same day, and once again yesterday to make sure she was ok.


So, who had ‘lost’ her… maybe she had just be abandoned ?, slipped out of her collar, panicked and just fled ?, who knows, but we did what we could. We have printed out leaflets, posted them all over, and did all we could.

Don’t get me wrong, we would have kept her in an instant… but, we travel too much, work too long hours, and I know that would not be right. Hopefully the owners will ring the shelters, or failing that, she will find a new home, quite easily I think, she was so loving, small, young and cute… she’ll be ok. We were very sad for a day, we as we talked we realized she was ok, she was being fed, watered, had a bed, and was away from any dangers of horrible people, and fast cars.




Surely someone out there is missing their girl, but if not, it’s their loss, and someone will get a wonderful new dog for Chrimbo !

So lots of love to her, she’ll be ok now x


  1. Oh, she IS cute! What a sweetheart! Oh yeah .. and the dog too! 😉

    I hope her people find her. I don’t blame you for handing her over, you’re right – you travel too much. I had a greyhound handed to me one night recently and we couldn’t keep him overnight even, The Princess made her position very clear on the matter! So he went to the pound, but we took his ear tats and rang the local trainer and she found out who he was and yes, he did get his people back!

    Good luck to your little stray!

  2. I hope so Jay, if not the owners, then she will find news ones… she was so loving, broke my heart ! x

  3. Aww . . lovely little pooch. I’d have had to keep her. It’s compulsory to microchip dogs here and they’re kept on a national register . . one scan and the owner can be found. It doesn’t work for backyard breeders of course but pet shops and registered breeders must have it done. It’s come in handy a couple of times with Lily I can tell you during her ‘wondering’ days. A well looked after pooch like that would have been scanned and her family found in an instant.

  4. Hopefully her family finds her, but if not, those sad little eyes will definitely win her a good home. Not a dry eye in the house I bet.

  5. Oh Moon, she’s adorable! And looks like she loved that cuddle too. Kudos to you and Mrs M for looking after her. I hope she gets home, or at least a lovely new family. Must have killed you to let her go xx

  6. I found a black lab one day, wandering along in the middle of the road, looking into all the cars as they passed. I didn’t want him to get hit, so I stopped, opened the door and in he hopped, happy as Larry and drooled all over my car seat – my brand new car! Shows how much I cared about the dog – I wouldn’t even allow food in the car at the time. Anyway, off to the SPCA he went and it nearly broke my heart when I left him. I gave them strict instructions to phone me if his owners were not found or he couldn’t find a home. The next day, he was back with his owners, so I did not end up getting a lab – good thing really, Mr. DBM and I also work too much to have a dog right now………one day………soooooon, I hope…….

  7. EM & DBM

    Well, she is still at the resue center, no-one has claimed her, but she has passed the heakth and temper tests, and she goes up for adoption on tuesday …. can I ….. maybe…. nah…. but …..

  8. Moon,

    You did the right thing. I know how you feel about giving her up but that was the best, and kindest thing you could have done.

    I’ve sobbed buckets over manys the pooch (kitty, duck, horse) but sometimes, the timing is wrong. One day, you’ll be in a position to return to that shelter and make a withdrawal, not a deposit.

    Hey! Muchacho! Mail me! Got somefink for you and the Missus, since you’re too tight assed to come to Ireland for EMs Christmas To End All Christmasses (TM)

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