Posted by: Moon | November 4, 2008

My Virgin Tag

So, I have been ‘tagged’ for the first time in my short blogging career, and it came from a new person to me, Kate, from Iramble….. You are supposed to pass this on, but sadly…. Not too many aaaaahs please, I don’t have another 7 bloggers to pass this on, Kate and the others have already seen it.

So, the question is : 7 things you don’t know about me…..

1 –          My Job.

I am a Credit Insurance Broker, formally, a Credit Insurance Underwriter. Dull, dull, dull you might say, well, not really. I learnt, my trade in London with Coface, and this enabled me to move over here to continue, as a broker this time. I insure companies Accounts Receivables against nonpayment, and Bankruptcy; needless to say, I am great demand with the current economy. My newest client has a turnover of $1.1 billion, and it’s not easy trying to find them a solution. I have visited many different companies, from the normal electronics, to spice, to porn, to abattoirs (that is no fun I can tell you !) to meat and fruit markets.

2 –           My Ear

I have rubber ears ! I can fold my ears into any position, with no pain at all. The only time I have had any pain is when my brother, as per normal, twisted my ear, just after I had had it surgically removed so they could repair a ruptured ear drum, and then stitched back… yes, that fucking hurt !


3 –           Cricket

Some of you might know I have been an avid cricketer for 25 years, and I have played in the same side as Imran Khan and Alex Stewart, two of the world best players.


4 –           Tattoo

I have a tattoo, it’s very private, I got it when I was 36, it means the world to me, and no-one else in the world has it. My mum was VERY disappointed !

5 –           Rollerblading

I can rollerblade. Pretty well actually, Mrs. M glides along like she was born on them, me, we I can get by, up and down the beach front, earphones on… and yes, I do look a little gay !


6 –           Animals

I love and adore animals. I have a fixation on dogs, and it is hurting me not to have one right now. We always walk along the beach to the doggie beach, fuss and play with any dog we can. I cannot kill anything,  even last week when I had to kill some Black Widow spiders, it upset me. I will usher any fly, wasp, bee outside without killing it. I can’t watch Miami Pet Police, it just upsets me too much., I read and watch so many serial killer programs and books that are horrific, does it bother me ?, no, not one jot, but … show me an animal in distress……. I would do anything to help. I think I missed my vocation in life, not as a vet (how could I possibly put an animal to sleep), but maybe as a rescue worker… but I still think I would be too upset … big girls blouse me !


7 –           My Tongue

I have a huge tongue !



  1. Well done you! I have to admit I struggle to find people to pass it on to – been rambling for years but this blogging game is fairly new to me too.
    I blame my son!!

  2. You and I have a few things in common, Moon!

    But not the cricket, the ears (OUCH!!), or the tattoo – yet. 😉

    I used to be okay on wheels and ice skates, but now have a problem with my ankles giving way so I dare not do those things anymore.

  3. You really had me giggling with this one. Might still be on a natural high after the election, might be the chardy but nope I think it’s becuse you’re a funny fecker!Job ‘meh’ I work to live, not the other way round so jobs don’t mean much to me. Now the ear .. we have guys over here called “Puppetry of the Penis” they make a good living by doing similar things with their privates! Tattoo? Best kept secret and I’d be mad if my son had “Go Parra!” tattoed on his bum! Cricket GAH! Mad dogs and Englishmen ’nuff said although Denis Lilee did accept a cold glass of red cordial from me once at a Sheffield Shield round and Clare went out with a Pura Cup player last year! Nice bod, no brains. So ‘respect’ but no likey! Rollerblading . .can do but I’d never look as gay as you! Hahahah!
    Dogs . . Awwwwwww! Mine is molting all over my bedspread *must brush dog*. Definitely a third child so I empathise wholeheartedly, can’t do without them. Horses . . I feed every day and talk in horsey talk ‘erro fatty watty . .how’s my skinny min?” Fortunately they have small brains and take me totally seriously. SAD very SAD but I love ’em to pieces!
    Nice reveal Moon!

  4. EW! I know I’ve seen it before, but that’s just gross. Had my boys killing themselves laughing: ‘ew Dad come and look at Uncle Moon’s disgusting ear!!!’

    I think I’ve seen the tattoo (unless you have another more ‘intimate’ one that you’re referring to). I love tattoos. I’d like another but don’t want to look like Pink or anything.

    And the dog thing? Awww, runs in the family. I love my dog as much as I love my family! He’s currently drooling on my laptop as I type x

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