Posted by: Moon | November 3, 2008

The Gimp Tour 2008, the battle for Quentin

This is Quentin !

This is Quentin !

It’s not the winning; it’s the taking part that counts !!!!





So, on my recent trip back to Home, the most important part of the trip took place in the first 4 days. I landed into Heathrow, terminal 5… a bloody amazing terminal I might add, got a lift back home, and within an hour, we had started to meet up and the George and Dragon to kick off the 2008 Gimp Tour to France.

Water Water everywhere .....

Water Water everywhere .....




This is our 6th trip, and every single year, without fail, we have the funniest, best boys trip !.

It all started back in 2003, Myself, Harv and Damp Towel decided we needed a break, and we headed off for our first ever golf trip. All was perfectly organised (as it is every year, and it’s not easy organising this lot !), and we had such a great time. From the moment we left sunny Northchurch to the time we got back. You know the times when you can’t stop laughing until tears roll down your cheeks !

We decided to expand the tour, with Seags, IJF and Oscar joining us in 2004. Seags is a good friend of IJF and that man in not quite wired up correctly, but he fitted in perfectly, and to my surprise, the tour had just got funnier. Damp Towel, who won the inaugural Gimp Tour, and took Quentin home, retained in trophy in glorious style. In years 05,06,07 and 08 we were joined by some newcomers, Moggy, Chris, Troy, Chewy and finally last year my brother made the trip. New champions came, Seags in 04, Chris 05 and Troy last year. We love the trip, we laugh and laugh, drink a few, and smoke some cigars. It has become very competitive, and everyone won’t admit it, but we all want to win Quentin (excellent bragging rights for 12 months)

This year was no change, highly entertained by Harv as always. The man is the most gentlemanly, correctly mannered English man you would ever meet….. his golfing etiquette is quite blatantly the worst I have ever seen !, Troy’s triumphant defense was started in comical fashion, with a trick shot the golfing world will never see again, and ended his reign in glory by returning to the hotel at 5am, being sick on the final day, and surrendering Quentin via alcohol and hangovers !

Seags missed his bed, errr, roommate IJF (who was busy winning the Mercedes Benz European open), Moggy and Damp Towel absent, but every night we toasted our absent friends…

There were high spirits, Sunbed leaping, crazy nightclub dancing, dangerous buggy driving, some terrible golf, and the sun shone….. It was a brilliant few days. The fun banter between such great frineds, no-one gets offended, we all laugh at ourselves, and indeed each other for the full 5 days away. We ar behave, no daft antics that effect anyone except ourselves. IJF has been naked outside his room, Seags has played half a round of golf, with no shirt, he buggy driving is quicker than Lewis Hamilton, Timbers moods are as dark as the bottom of the lake at times, Moggy has spewed in a mans backswing before.. I could list these funny moments forever, and long may it continue.

The courses we play are brilliant, the dirty French always entertain us, and the saucy waitress in the local village resulted in one member of the tour being dangled over a bridge by his ankles!

We have two excellent golfers on the tour, another who practices but will never really succeed, two dark horses who on their day can play like a pro, and others play like dogs, and the rest love the company, and are always in with a chance.

These friends I have are the best friends I could ever ask for. It’s amazing how everyone bonds immediately, laughs together, no ‘clicks’ inside the group, and the childish boys laughter we have.

This year, the weather was wonderful, the golfing average, and Quentin was awarded to a new winner. We are the best 10, I already have my trip booked for next year, and come Sept 9th, 2009, I will be boarding the ferry for Caen, loving every second of the greatest trip on earth.

The Tour 2006 - Virgin Tour winner Troy

The Tour 2006 - Virgin Tour winner Troy



Who won Quentin in 2008 ?, well, it’s not important, but the laughs and friendships we have. That’s the important thing.



  1. Haha . . love this. My boss has a ‘boys’ week twice a year. What goes on tour ‘stays’ on tour! I was a grass widow for 11 years . . certainly don’t miss it! But I do miss the ‘man’ he played off 2 so his glory box was well stacked by the time we got married!

  2. I don’t know the first thing about golf – unless you’re talking mini-golf – but that sounds like a GREAT trip! It’s the friends you go with that make a trip fun, that’s for sure!

  3. Baino – Ha, love the ‘glory box’ part … off 2, a serious player then. It is true whatever goes on tour etc, but thats quite interesting, because none of are ever badly behaved, just particulary stupid…. never involves anything naughty… maybe we are too old !

    Jay : It’s true, it’s the trip of great friends, the golf is an aside really …..

  4. Good lord – I don’t think I want to know what you and my brother get up to on your tour!

    But wait, why doesn’t Quentin have a golf bat? Where did it go?

  5. You would have to ask one of the previous winners about that !!!

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