Posted by: Moon | October 31, 2008

My top 5 ……


So, here’s my wildcard list …..

The rules go, if one of these walk into your local booza, you can play your ‘wildcard’ to your other half and take them home, no questions asked …

Not in an order of 1-5 btw..

1 – Jennifer Aniston

2 – Keira Knightley

3 – Anne Hathaway

4 – Natalie Imbrouglia

5 – Reese Witherspoon

I know a couple of Mrs M, Jason Statham, Daniel Craig are on here list, but I’m pretty sure they won’t walk into the Dog n Duck !!!


Yours please …. (and Jay, you can’t have all 5 as one man !!!)


Please note I have added this later on in the evening… my appreciation, from a totally, 100% hetrosexual point, my top 5 men ….


1 – Brad Pitt

2 – George Clooney

3 – Daniel Craig

4 – Johnny Depp

5 – Sean Connery



  1. I take the right as first one to comment:

    – Jason Statham
    – Daniel Craig
    – Edward Norton
    – Leonardo DiCaprio
    – Vin Diesel


    That’s my first list….

  2. 1st list ????????????????????? erm …. no !

  3. There are many beautiful ladies I would love to accompany home from the pub. Ah, but to what avail? Let me propose a list of a different nature, 5 women I would love to talk to, that’s right, just talk:

    1. Cleopatra – how bad could that be?

    2. Amelia Earhart – I could get lost with this lady.

    3. Tz’u Hsi – saw her resting place in the Forbidden City, and her portrait, and if she did not scare me to death, it would be interesting.

    4. Margaret Thatcher – someone whose mind and thought processes it would be fun to try to understand.

    5. Florence Nightingale – I think I might require her ministrations once I have finished with numbers 3 and 4.

    If the above were unavailable, I might settle for Rene Zellweger. What the Hell, eh?

  4. Nice spin on the idea cortes .. I guess by accompany you from the pub, you mean they could drive ????

  5. Hmm, interesting results. I’ve only a couple of favourite movie actors.
    I’ve liked Ryan Reynolds for ages – as much for his wit and intelligence, than for his looks. I’ve also admired the way his comedies don’t poke fun at people for their weakensses in a mean way, but have an inclusive form of humour. But, he’s gone and married Scarlett, so I’m awful sad now.

    I guess if I had to pick another couple it would be Gerard Butler. ‘ Young Adam ‘ was especially good, but he’s been looking kinda strange in his last few films. And Ewan McGregor, in a pinch because his films are a bit hit-and-miss.

  6. Too easy and I don’t want any of these for their minds if you catch my drift:

    George Clooney (good for a steak dinner)
    Matthew McConaughey (c’mon the guy has a blonde flea trail!)
    Hugh Jackman (token Aussie, totally sweet)
    Denzel Washington (hot chocolate)
    Jake Gyllenhall (Booyah!)
    Quite frankly I’d settle for someone still breathing!

  7. “(and Jay, you can’t have all 5 as one man !!!)”

    1 Johnny Depp
    2 John …


    Well, poot.

    I’m gonna sulk now.


    OH knows that Johnny Depp is the only one I’d leave him at the pub for!

    *Sulks a bit more*

    Alright. Here are four more men I’d like to spend time with, but no funny stuff. Will that do?

    2 John Cusack (Well, alright, maybe a little bit of funny stuff)
    3 *Thinks*
    3 Johnny Depp


    Oh alright.

    3 Patrick Stewart. Seems like a jolly nice chap. And interesting, too!

    4 Uuhhh …

    4 Mmm.

    5 Um. How’m I doing? Um …

    6 Johnny Depp! I’m glad I thought of him. Dunno why I didn’t before… Wait! Did I say ‘no funny stuff’? Well, it doesn’t apply to this one. 😉

  8. Har de har! As soon as I read this I knew Jay was gonna go Johnny x 5!!!!

    Righty ho, here goes: I’ll have:

    1. All of Baino’s
    2. All of Mrs M’s
    3. Daniel Craig again (what? I can have him twice if I want. Did you see the guy on Jonathan Ross? Phwoarrrrrrrr!)
    4. Jude Law
    5. Clive Owen

    All at once, or one at a time. I’m not fussy 🙄

  9. EM – You are a dirty Ho !!

    Jay – ok, ok, you have johnny 5 x if he can mange it !

    Baino – Jake and Denzel …. Mrs M forgot Denzel !

  10. Mrs M. didn’t forget M Denzel….

    Second list:

    1. MR JOHNNY DEPP (Jay you nailed it…. Good taste)
    2. Denzel Washington
    3. Jason O’Mara (He is so cute in Life on Mars)
    4. Patrick Dempsey
    5. Sean Connery (just to have a good talk over the dinner… he has charisma)

    So Moon… as you can see none of Ladies mentioned George Clooney or Brat Pitt. They are sweet guys but they are not a hot stuff like.. hmmm JOHNNY DEPP…..

  11. Ooh! I has good taste! 😀

    If he can manage it? Ha! Of course he can.

    I hope.


  12. Ok here goes….
    1. Brad Pitt (in Meet Joe Black)
    2. Captain Jack Sparrow (beads and all)
    3. James McAvoy
    4. Denis Locorriere
    5. Mel Gibson
    Thats just for starters – there’s more!!!!!

  13. Hola I have just tagged you over at mine!!!

  14. Moon – you’re barking up the wrong tree son:

    1 – Bella Emberg
    2 – Hattie Jacques
    3 – Edwina Currie
    4 – Margaret from “Driving School”
    5 – Hazel Blears

    All real English beauties – roses in bloom.

    Talking of Bella Emberg, I bumped in to Russ Abbott at the Snow Dome in Molton Keynes the other day – hasn’t changed a bit.

    Also bumped in to Shane Warne at baggage reclaim at Heathrow on Wednesday – he HAS changed – isn’t a fat Aussie any more, but he was texting 🙂

    love ya!

  15. Kempo – You need to get some glasses my friend, keep bumping into things !!!!

    Love the top 5, never thought of such rotund lovelies !!!!!

    Congrats on the wedding, life will change from now on …

  16. You can never rule them out old son.

    It has, but all for the better my friend, all for the better.

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