Posted by: Moon | October 29, 2008

Can you seriously believe this ……

Can you believe this?

Firstly, a ‘Fair’ in my view is a place of fluffy animals, Candy Floss, dodgem Cars, Big Wheel and Halls of Mirrors ……… How can you possible have a ‘fair’ of guns ??, GUNS people… has society forgotten exactly what they are ??, toys ?, items for fun ?… Jesus.. Guns are for KILLING !!!!!

At what point does a Human being, an Adult, a Father decide it is ‘fun’ for his 8 year old boy to shoot a gun ….. It is NEVER fun to do this… you are placing a weapon that murders thousands of people every year around the world into an 8 Yr olds hands …….. !!!!!! Further more, not just a gun, but this is an Uzi Sub-Machine gun for fucks sake !!!  An UZI !!!!!


Even the hardened terrorist or Gangster rarely shoots one of these, so at what point, can the human mind possibly think that this is a good thing ??? 

So sad, that an 8yr old gets killed in such a mindless way. Will anything be done to prevent such ‘fairs’ and change peoples minds ???, of course not ….. At what point will people not hide behind the Constitution, and claim they have a right to have guns in society. Sorry, it is beyond my diction and my comprehension how guns have been accepted to easily into society.

Don’t give me any reasoning such as .. ‘It’s part of our history’, ‘we are traditionally a country at war’, ‘Protection from terrorists’, and ‘I have the right to own one’… That’s Crap !!

Is it any surprise we have Martin Bryants, Michael Ryans, Collumbine etc when these guns are in society, and encouraged by adults around them to ’embrace’ them into their lives. 

It is shocking, sickening, perverse world when an 8yr old can kill himself at a fair with an Uzi Sub-Machine gun.




  1. So I’d not heard of this, but having read the links here, let me get this straight. He goes to a ‘gun fair’ (I’m with you there – a funfair with guns? What?), has a ‘go’ with an Uzi (what, he had to pay a fiver or something?) and then shoots himself in the head by accident?

    To quote my dear friend Jennifer: sweet Jesus, Mary Mother of God and all the angels.

  2. I heard about this one on the television news, and although I did not catch the location, I instinctively knew it had to be in the US. A tragedy, by any measure. And preventable.

    You live in a society that embraces the gun, my friend. Even when presented with the facts and the statistics, they (the average American) seem unable to relenquish this Constitutional right to bear arms. I fear you have not heard the last story like this one.

  3. EM – Thats exactly it, his father watching, and the recoil of a UZI (duh, does it have a recoil an 8 yr old might struggle on), the recoil push the gun upwards, and he killed himself.

    Cortes – It’s not just America, although by far the worst, it is becoming a world wide addiction to guns

  4. Dear God.

    I have no idea WTF the adults were thinking .. No, I can’t quite believe it. I know it’s got to be true, but it’s very hard to wrap a sane brain around that one.

    Poor little soul.

  5. I really don’t know why it happened,” said Mr Bizilj.

    Is he serious? It happened because an irresponsible parent took a child to a very adult event, let a child play with a gun that he’d never in his life fired before! It defies sense and meaning.

    Don’t get me started on the lack of gun control in the US. This right to bear arms kills more innocents than in any other country in the world. This is libertarianism at it’s worst. Sometimes governments MUST intervene because people are stupid! Common sense is extremely uncommon! I wonder if Barack will have the guts to enforce gun legislation. Although this dickhead would have found some other way to kill his son and should be made accountable.

  6. ‘It beggars belief’ as they say….but does it really? Very few things surprise me these days – its probably an age thing. I just know I always did my best to educate my children in the right thing to do and say and to put themselves into the shoes of others before acting. But this world is not full of parents like me – it can be a violent cruel place and the trouble is that some people with young children today have grown up in that environment and know no other way……

  7. One point I always say about guns is this… If I get into an argument with my neightbour, what is the worst thing I can do, probably punch him (no, he is a nice guy, and I have never punched anyone in my 37 yrs)…. so, if I punch him, I could kill him, but it is so unlikely…. If I have a knife, I am more likely to stab him, and if I had a gun, it is likely to shoot him… so take away these things, and go back to punch ups. Not nive, but many people will have black eyes and not fatal gunshot wounds !

    Baino : I have no idea on the mentality of people, just stupid people, who knows if he will tighten up on the laws, he will only do this after he gets in, because I fear anyone promoting tighter gun laws will lose so many votes.

    Kate – Ah, parental responsibility….. nah, we can blame the police, society, teacher for our childrens faults…. not us !!!!

  8. I am sorry but this is SICK…. Moon said that he feels sorry for his father as he is going to live whole his life with guilt.
    I feel terribly sorry that another innocent soul passed away because ‘Common sense is extremely uncommon!’ quoting Baino. Call me cold bi*ch but I don’t feel sorry for his father. He should have enough brain to think: haaa I guess that Uzi Sub-Machine gun is not really a good toy for my son to play with.

    Do they really need labels on everything:
    Gun: beware, it is a gun. It can kill you or others around?
    Pack of nuts: this product contain nuts.
    Milk: this product contain milk. Daaaaa…. I hope so.

    I am wondering who they are going to blame for this unnecessary lost.

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