Posted by: Moon | October 4, 2008

The Best Day of my Life xx

So, Saturday September 27th will go down as the happiest day so far in my 37 years.


We first got married on Dec 23rd 2007 on the top of Grouse Mountain in Canada. It was beautiful moment, and with my sister DBM and her husband there, it was perfect ….. well, nearly.


You see, I am a little religious, so I wanted to get married in my church, but, the most important thing that I wanted was to say my wedding vows to Mrs M in front of our friends and family. So we started to plan our trip back to England to do this.  To organise this from overseas is pretty much impossible, so I give HUGE thanks to my sister R, who did 99.9% of everything. She was wonderful, and luckily her thoughts and Mrs M’s matched pretty perfectly.


I was determined NOT to cry, and I nearly got through the day without tears. I was standing in the Church, my brother at my side, everyone was there, and I had zero nerves, none at all. The music started, I turned my back (as tradition dictates, no turning to watch my bride walk down the aisle). Then, I nearly broke down, Mrs M, standing next to me, looking so beautiful, it was very emotional. I don’t remember hearing a sound when we were taking our vows. I am told afterwards some smaller children were desperate for the loo, one was hungry, and the ‘older, adult’ children were mis-behaving !, but I was lost in the moment with my wife.



We walked out to the sounds of bells, congratulations, kisses, and meeting with friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  The effort people had made to be there was very special, flights for some, long car trips and hotels for other, babysitters, food time organised…. it was very special to see everyone there. So after the wonderful photos were taken (Thanks RFP Photography, if you want her details, just ask, she was brilliant) we headed off to The Rose and Crown for a reception and a celebration. There was only one formality, I had to say a few words, many thanks and expressions of love. This is where one of my friends won their bet… I cried during my speech. I knew I would, I was talking about my Dad, and then how beautiful my wife was …. still, the tears were wiped away, and we raised a toast of traditional Slovakian Domanca… man, that blows your hair off !!



So, Party time… our Slovakians friends did us proud, led ALL the dancing, while the English guys held their own with the drink and the cigar smoking. It was a wonderful night that seemed to flash by in 10 seconds. We had our first dance (All I want is you – U2), and then spent time trying to talk to everyone. to be in a party of about 80 people, all wanting the best in life for you is special. I occasionally breezed past my wife, we were so busy trying to talk and see everyone. She took my breath away, so beautiful.


We spent time outside smoking cigars, time on the dance floor, we had two ‘1st’ dances, and some classic Rock n Roll, deep conversations in the bar, and a wonderful piece of traditional singing from Mrs M’s Dad. they were wonderful, they made the trip from Slovakia, never really travelled anywhere before, spoke no English, and they loved it, and everyone loved seeing them with us. It was perfect for Mrs M.

The conclusion came too early for me, but when two certain people were re-arranging the chalk Rose and Crown sign to disgusting messages (God I laughed at breakfast the next day, coffee came down my nose !), it was time to take my bride back to our room. the normal way of things cannot be put on a website, least not this kind, but I can say, after 17 days, 5 countries, 5 rounds of golf, many cigars, alcohol, so much food, late nights, exhaustion hit us both, and we slept, husband and wife.


  1. You have a wonderful way with words, an ability to express your feelings that really is a gift. Lovely sentiments. I am impressed by Mrs. M’s family, coming all that way and not a word of English! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  2. Moon, I am so, so happy for you and Mrs. M. Everyone deserves that special someone. She looks stunning, by the way, but of course I don’t need to tell you that. And you look absolutely radiant standing there by her side. Welcome back to the Americas, and enjoy each other and each other’s families. Thank you for sharing your day with us in the blogosphere.
    All the best.

  3. Ah so glad you had a wonderful time, how could you have not. I had a friend who married very early in the morning with only the celebrant and her witnesses present then all the guests arrived after the event for breakfast. Very nice but I severely felt ripped off by not having them include their friends and family in their ceremony! To me that’s the important bit – Glad you did the right thing by yours. You’re a very handsome couple!

  4. It truly was the best day of my life. Everything and everybody was so perfect.
    And the greatest thing: next day morning didn’t feel that everything is over and the dull married life is just about to kick off. As married couple for last nine months we know that the best part is just about to start. AND it has….
    Love to everybody.

    PS: Moon I have done my comment, can I drink my coffee now?

  5. Ah, ’twas a great day. We have very fond memories of that weekend here at English Towers, Moon. The kids had a whale of a time (#2 swaggered up to me with a glass of coke and said ‘just been chattin’ to Moon at the bar’ like he was 30 and not 10!) and Hubby and I thought you worked the crowd very well – especially Mrs M, who still found the time to come and talk to us all even though she’d only just met us. Makes you feel very special that.

    So yeah, I know I’ve said it before, but congrats you guys. May you live long and happy lives and have lots of anglo/slovakian babies. Oh and go on, tell us who was rearranging the sign and what it said….pleeeeeease??

  6. That is so romantic! And Mrs Moon’s dress and lilies are so elegant – I love the colour!

    It sounds like a perfect day.

  7. Thanks all, it was so special, and we have everything we want… sometime you just get lucky !

    EM : she will always talk to strangers !!, and I can’t use the c word on a blog, but you can imagine spending time at the Rose a c*** and they serve warm c*** ….. very childish and amuseing !!!!

  8. You both look so very happy – long may it continue!
    My son got married last year – in Gloucestershire on the weekend of the great flood – Goodness knows how we all got there – and the groom was with me, stuck for hours in traffic – but we did and it was a wonderful day – people make it special…. Be happy!

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