Posted by: Moon | August 11, 2008

What a beautiful day ….

As an now ageing rock superstar sang once “I am sailing, I am sailing ….” well, Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day, doing exactly as Rod sang, we went sailing.


As previously mentioned, Max’s dad kept his promise, and asked us what we were up to on Sunday arvo, and would we like to spend the day cruising up and down the harbour, and a little jaunt out to sea. Did we ?, Did we?, Oh yes indeed we did.


So, we packed up al the essentials… well, I packed up beer, Mrs M packed the sensible stuff, like suncream, that kinda rubbish, and off we (The Vet of Death as well) troop to the public moring the meet the “Barefoot”. We board, crack open a beer, chill out, shirt off… set sail for Mexico … Well, at least off around the wonderful harbour that is Newport Beach. Max’s Dad put on the tunes and told us some wonderful tales of his 2 week trip to Mexico (he returned 7 months later!).

It was idealic, I sat, legs dangling over one of the three tri hulls (makes it a tri-catamaran don’t you know), feet just touching the water, sun streaming down, lost in my own little world of thoughts. Mrs M was sunning herself on the deck, Max was wandering from person to person either for a rub behind the ears, or a mouthful of anything going !

We headed out into the open water, watched the seals on the Bhouy for a while (Max really didn’t care for those, he went mental having a go at them !) then along the coast for a while. We loved it. We made plans for next Sunday, we would hire out the “Barefoot” and ask Max’s Dad to take us down to Dana Point, stop, swim and chill out all afternoon… what a wonderful Sunday !



  1. Yes…. the best Sunday since we got here. I love to see you relaxed and mellow …. then you agree to do anything I want. xxxxxx

  2. What was wrong with the Sunday we were there?

  3. Green! With envy that is! My only consolation . . you now have more freckles! 😛

  4. Mrs m : You know I agree with anything you want xxx

    DBM : It was different, thats all x

    Baino : I’m actually quite lucky I don’t freckle too much …. but I did get my belly sunburnt !

  5. Ah, that sounds so nice! Especially since our summer here is decidedly iffy. Thirteen degrees celcius here!! Now, I don’t do celcius, but I know that’s what it was because OH – he of the metric persuasion – told me. No idea what that is in Fahrenheit, but I do know it ain’t what I expect in August!

  6. Jay : Thats just palin cold … it’s been a bit chilly here today as well, didn’t quite get to 85 today ……

  7. What a great day for you but Max looks totally pissed,”you brought me out here,showed me the bloody seals then wouldn’t let me at em”

  8. Hmmm…

    That’s quite a few Gushy Dog Comments now Moon…

    You know where this is going, don’t you… ?

    (PS Uber Jealous of your weather!)

  9. Jen : You would have to get it through customs and quarentine !!!.. I am massive dog lover, you wait for my next post !

    June : you are right, he was quiet as a mouse until he saw the seal, turned into a wolf !!, he hated them !

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