Posted by: Moon | August 9, 2008

My name is Moon and I’m an addict !!!!

I would say no …… in fact I would 100% say NO, emphatic that I do not have an addictive personality … no way, de-nada, Zip, chuffing nothing …


Well …. maybe a little ….

You see, I have never smoked, I was bribed as a youngster by my mum. She promised all 4 children, that if we didn’t smoke before we were 18, she would give us each 50 pounds (I don’t have a pounds sign on this US keyboard !)… 3 of us kept that bet, and she paid out. 50 pounds is ALOT of money to a 10 year old. Although, if I had been a street wise 10 yr old, I would have written in a condition it was index linked and inflation based. so, when Goldenballs, got his money, about 5.5 years before me, it was worth a great deal more (See, left out again as the youngest !).

As I have always plays sport, I could never understand training all week, working hard to be fit, only to light up a ciggie at half time … and it tasted like shite too, and cost far to much … oh yes, kills you too !, however, I do enjoy the occasional cigar on the golf course  now I am older !

Never been into drugs, never tempted, not interested, happy enough with life

Pills, again no, Mrs M cannot get me to take an asprin when I have a headache.

Addicted to alcohol … nope !, I love a beer, quite a few sometimes, but addicted.. nah, can’t stand spirits, and after about 7-8 beers, I am as silly as a bucket of arseholes !

So, no, I am not addicted to anything ….. but here’s the shocker … I am, I bloody well am addicted to lots of things … This blog for example .. I am addicted to checking it, reading comments, writing new things…. another thing, Facebook !, before I started my Blog, Facebook was all I was ever on .. my excuse was to keep in touch with friends back at home, but I think I am addicted. Text messaging … again, think I am cured now, but I have been known to have two phones, and be texting at the same time .. so annoying for anyone else who might just be trying to talk to me at the time …. 

Lets talk food .. Mrs M is detoxing her body prior to our trips home and wedding. Now I do not believe in detox, I think it is money making book selling load of old tosh.. however, I am open minded, and to be healthier for a few weeks, can’t be a bad thing and to be a loving husband…. Also, I have lost nearly 2 stone by working out and eating healthy since chrimbo, so another push to get me to my fighting weight can only be good. So we have omitted the obvious things ..

Alcohol… that’s ok, although after a day at work, I could do with a beer, but I am not addicted.

Coffee… here we go… I would have said no, but now it is gone, I miss it big time. I have headaches, and feel rough, really do miss my coffee at the desk to start the day, instead, I get a fresh squeezed lemon and hot water. Nice, but no Starbucks s it ???? ….

Chocolate… now this one I now I am addicted to, and hence, I NEVER have it in the house. seriously, if you open a bar of choccie, I will eat ALL of it, no breaking of a couple of squares and putting in back in the fridge, I am talking heroin addicted, no stopping me, it is all gone !

Football/golf/tennis/cricket scores .. I have to know. My blackberry is red hot on a Saturday trying to find out if Spurs have won. I get up at 6am to watch it on the Internet. even a game I do know the rules, who is playing, what they are playing.. I am watching. A few weeks back, I volunteered to do the Ironing, on a Sunday… why ??, so I could watch the golf …..I stood in a street in Dublin, Desperate to see the score of the All Ireland Final .. of HURLING !?!?!?, like I should give a shite who is playing are indeed winning…but I do.

Golf itself … I play regularly, can’t seem to get any better, but I am addicted to trying… anything that helps, new Driver, Wedge, lucky pants… more lessons… I am addicted to the game …

I am addicted to keeping in contact with friends, emails, facebook, Blogging.. you name it, I am in contact with people….

so. my name is Moon, and I am an addict…


What are you addicted to ???


  1. Hi Moon! Great post.
    You’ve lost 2 stone? I’m seriously impressed. That’s inspirational stuff, as is the whole detoxing project.

    Hmm, I’m very pleased to read that you mentioned chocolate because it has certainly had me in it’s clutches for too long. I recently stopped eating it completely (after a few failed attempts). But bijingo doesn’t it just creep back in and try to hook me again. At the moment only the choccy biccies have me.

    I’m totally addicted to blogs. I’m really not so good with my own blog, but I love having a fix of everyone else’s. I’m endlessly fascinated by what everyone’s up to, and their funny stories and the like. I think my own blog would improve if I didn’t spend so much time reading my favourites. However, I’m hopeless at Facebook, just can’t catch it’s bug.

    Perhaps it’s fortunate that I live in a small pocket of land without mobile reception, so I can’t text etc. But that means I became addicted to msn on the weekends to talk to my overseas friends.

    Oh, and knitting. It well-and-truly has me; I’m sunk. I love picking out wool, and trying new designs because you can create the most amazing hats and things, even with the most simple stitches. And it’s empowering to take a ball of wool and in a few hours, have made something people can wear.


  2. Ahahaha! Well, the first step to rehab is admitting you have a problem! 😉

    Chocolate IS addictive. It’s the theobromine, you see, and yes, I too am an addict. It also contains other stuff which is equally addictive, like sugar – and yep I’m addicted to that too. I know it’s an addiction, because I can go without for quite long periods (difficult though it is) but I CANNOT just eat a little. It’s all or nothing.

    The internet … nah. I choose to be on here eleven hours a day, but I can stop any time I want to.

    Any time.

    Maybe tomorrow.

    Or next week.


  3. Scratch tickets, those stupid card things the state governments sell to get money for schools.Scratch them and if you get 3 the same you win a fortune or not etc.I could not stop, spent too too much.I went cold turkey, no more for me.I know if i buy just one i wont stop.The money goes to the schools? That is something i question.

  4. Hmmm…good one. Chocolate? Wouldn’t say addicted – I can have it in the house without stealing it from the children. I WAS addicted to blogs – was reading 40 plus, but have weaned myself off after I started to feel really sad. Now red wine… definitely can’t have it in the house but will usually stop at one or two… (I say usually – if Hubby’s there it always goes tits up). I’d say cooking. Yep. I bake in a crisis. In fact, I cook all the time. Not such a bad addiction, I guess.

  5. CA : You can say “Bijingo”, that means ‘ladies parts’ !!!!… Blogs are so addictive.. I love doing the rounds reading them all, always starting with my inspiration.. EM !

    Jay : It is the internet, god knows how I affected my chances of children, having this laptop in my kness for so long !

    June : Gambling .. didn’t even mention that, but unlike alot of men, I am not a gambler.. you NEVER see a poor Bookie.. there is a reason for that !

    EM : Thats a good addiction, as long as you don’t end up at 22 stone !!!!, don’t think I have every experienced your Cooking ….. yet …..

  6. Diet coke? Reading English police procedural novels? Annoying my husband? I am pretty sure that I could stop the reading police novels, since I can read something else, but the other two? I guess I will have to kick the coke habit while I am travelling. As for annoying Mr. DBM, well, he may just quit me if I annoy him too much!

  7. I’m addicted to chocolate/sugar… really badly! I’m trying to give it up, but it’s hard. I swear it’s the hardest addiction on earth to kick. Giving up smoking was easy compared to this!

  8. DBM : Is that an addiction, or just your role in life ??

  9. Alas I am a smoker. Gave up briefly over the summer then collapsed into ‘comfort’ smoking after Clare left I have to give up before she returns or all hell will break loose!

    And the internet in all its manifestations .. I am the Google Queen, Facebook Champion, Bloggybugga, you name it . . I spend hours on Skype as well. But that’s an addiction I don’t want to give up!

  10. I never got my £50………………….but you cannot measure the benefits of not smoking in pure cash!

  11. Ahhhh.. Chocolate… (droooooooooools)

    My Lovely Daddy worked at Cadbury for 40 years until retiring last year, so you might say we Knee Bees have a wee bit of a chocolate dependency issue…

    Not Daddy, though. He hates the stuff…

    Oh! And Sex and the City! Can’t leave that one out!!!

    PS: Detox works – get ready for the highest energy levels and best skin of your life…

  12. Timbers : You didn’t !!!, I def did ….. woo hoo !!!!

    Jen : I am seriously addicted to Choccie …. I guess the old saying “it’s like working in a chocolate factory” was 100% true in your house … bit like a gynocologist !

    As for the detox, I think it is working, still got this bloody headache though … more water for me then !

  13. Moon, you should be alright as soon as you cool down. But get an iLap, me old mate, just in case. 😉


  14. ???

    You Knacker! :O

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